Saturday, November 17, 2007

Life Goes On Without Me

Mom's been very sick, but is improving. Double pneumonia. Partially collapsed lung. Asthma. Bronchitis. LOTS of antibiotics. 1 week in the hospital. Back at home, but visiting the pulmonologist every 10 days or so. She's making progress, but it's very sloooooow progress.

Stinkerbell is the most wonderful little girl in the world. I know. You out there think yours is great. And, they are great. They're just not as great as mine. She has lost her 2 bottom teeth. Each of them had to be pulled as they were cutting through BEHIND her baby teeth. Lemmetellya... She loves the little purple-colored, grape-scented mask that gives her the happy gas. Getting her teeth pulled by the dentist is not NEAR as scary or bad as it was for her mommy. I don't recall cute gas masks or pleasant scents. I DO remember very CLEARLY the pain of shots in the ROOF OF MY MOUTH!

Lucky is the sweetest little boy in the world. I know. You out there think yours is great. And, they are great. They're just not as great as mine. He has both of his bottom teeth all the way through. He hardly complained or suffered at all with them as they cut through his pretty little gums. He eats anything I put in front of him. He has bit me a couple of times while nursing, but not a lot. And he cries his little heart out when I yelp and say (probably too loud), "that hurt mama!" He's standing and scooting along the furniture. He's climbing the stairs without assistance - which causes me MUCH worry. He is a very affectionate and snuggly little boy. His chubby little legs and feet are the sweetest, softest things I've ever seen and nibbled. There is nothing sweeter, purer, innocent-er, lovelier, special-er, yummier than my baby's little legs when I uncover them from their warm little pj's. yummmmm

The Mighty Hunter is doing something he has never done before. He is growing a beard. Well, he's TRYING to grow a beard. You should know that he has the genes that produce very little body hair. If he were a body builder, he wouldn't need to shave his chest. Back hair? Not a one. Leg hair? Just enough to be manly but not furry. Arms? Sparsely haired, but not smooth. And that's just how I like it. He has let his beard grow out and has shaved it off after a few days. I wish he'd just pick one. Either grow it until it gets soft or keep it shaved smooth. I think it's adorable, though, that his beard has little holes in it where hair just won't grow. I covet his beautiful, baby-smooth, easily-tanned skin.

Life is busy. Truth be told, I began this post back in November and am finally finishing it today, Dec 31 at 1:45 am.

Life isn't that busy. I just forgot about this post and never published it.

Until now...