Wednesday, April 30, 2008

WDW memoirs 2008 #1

Stinkerbell is 7. I can look with increasing dread to when the "magic" of early childhood ending. I firmly believe that we, as loving parents, should not kill her dreams and belief in the magic of her imagination. We encourage/allow Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Halloween (although not the scary version,) etc.

We go so far as to disguise the truth that her first kitten was probably eaten by a very large coyote by telling her that Sweetie ("Sweeeeeet-Teeeeeeaaa!!!!") got lost one day and found a new home with a wonderful new family to love and to love her. (hook, line and sinker)

Also, the bunny rabbit I bought for Easter pictures is now the Easter Bunny. He does not live with another family. The Easter Bunny contacted him and told him that he was getting too old to do the job anymore and needed to train his replacement. (hook, line and sinker also)

Anyway, I realized that this trip to WDW might the last one where she is a Princess and wants to be treated like a Princess and wants to dress like a Princess. So when she wanted to spend her money on a crown so she could look like a Princess while at the Magic Kingdom, I only half-heartedly encouraged a more practical choice - "look at this sun visor! cool!" "ooh! what a great t-shirt!"

I refused to spend $65 on a Princess dress for her to wear over her shorts and shirt, get dirty, step on and rip, take off after 15 minutes and have to find a place in the backpack for storing it.

Nevertheless... My heart warmed and swelled and broke as she picked out the customizable tiara with the veil. Then my pulse quickened over the stupid veil's not attaching and staying in place.(refund in hand, we then spent an additional $10 to replace said crappy veil and crown with a sun visor $15, a small hair-comb-attached tiara $10, and a satin "Princess" sash $8.)

With new Princess garb in place, she was content that she was now a very COOL PRINCESS and her smile returned.

backing up a little in this story...

Lucky and I had the luck to see a little girl pull the sword from the stone. A Cast Member awarded her with a sticker and a certificate making her an Honorary Princess for the day. I then commenced to stalking said Cast Member in a fruitless attempt to get Stinkerbell to also pull the sword from the stone. After admitting defeat, - but being very cute in the process -- we proceeded to stop waisting precious line-waiting time and go ride It's A Small World.

In line for It's A Small World, we made the COOL PRINCESS look complete with a ponytail and better attachment of the tiny and fragile tiara. The smile grew a few sizes until I realized that the Cast Member I had stalked earlier was standing next to us.

me: Hi. How are you?! (cuz you never know which CM is out there to make dreams come true!)

CM: great! Well, hello Princess! How is your visit to the Magic Kingdom?

S, a little shy because this is a stranger: good.

CM: What's your name, Princess?

S: Stinkerbell.

CM: Well, Stinkerbell. I need help. IASW is a boat-ride and I need an honorary Cruise Director. Can you help me out?

S: SURE!!! (because clearly an offer to make her an honorary Cruise Director makes this a Safe Side Adult!)

We were then removed from the line, taken to the control booth, where Stinkerbell, Lucky, FIL and Fiance stood while Stinkerbell SMILED and WAVED constantly at the people getting in to and out of the boats. The Cast Member announced Stinkerbell's name and that she was the Honorary Cruise Director for the day. The Mighty Hunter and I stood at the bottom with the video and digital camera, recording the moment for all time.

We were then escorted to the front of the line and given seats on the front seats of the first boat.

Thank you, Cast Member Nancy. You made my little girl's (ahem, COOL PRINCESS') dreams come true.

Hold on to your seats. More nauseating stories from WDW to come.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Brevity, at last

Maybe not...

Mrs Nespy tagged me for a meme. Whodathunk that it would be such a big challenge?

6 word memoir...

Counting my blessings every single day.

My list of blessings is long.

oops that's 12 words... Sorry!!!

1. Write your own six word memoir
2. Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you want
3. Link to the person who tagged you in your post
4. Tag at least 5 more blogs
5. Leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play

I'm tagging:

ANYONE AND EVERYONE! If you're reading this, then you're tagged!

Works For Me Wednesday 2-fer (ok 3)

My mom and dad stayed with Stinkerbell and Lucky one night last week while The Mighty Hunter's business hosted a Chamber of Commerce Open House/Schmoozefest. While with Nanny and Pa, Stinkerbell gets to do most anything she wants - which is the natural order of things with grandparents, I know. She decided that it was a perfect night for an art project.

I came home to many sheets of pink card-stock and markers and crayons scattered around the kitchen counter.

The next day, however, I found signs that she had used more than just her washable markers. A blue Sharpie had been involved in the artwork and had left its mark on her favorite purple shirt.

Shout! didn't help. I dug deeper into my stain treatments and pulled out Spot Shot. After much spraying and soaking and dabbing of an old towel, I got all but one small dot (will be hidden by her armpit) out of the favorite purple shirt. And! The purple color didn't fade!

An additional WFM tip is after the initial "oooohhhh. pretty new markers and crayons!" thrill is gone, I dump the crayons into a gallon ziplock bag. The boxes get torn and crushed. They don't allow for easy visual choices of the colors.

One last hint... Stinkerbell sits at the kitchen counter to do her homework in the afternoons. This works because I can give Lucky a snack at the same time and also do some straightening up, etc. I have a drawer in the kitchen in which there is a stash of mostly-sharpened pencils and a small ziplock bag of 8-10 crayons for her to use with her homework.

Keep it handy. Keep it easy to maintain. And for the love of Chocolate, keep it washable!

My can of Spot Shot was purchased at Sams. I'm sure it's available at other places, but when you buy 2 extra super large cans at a time and only use it every few months, you stop looking for replacements. So, I can only suggest you go to Sams for it. If you know of other places to grab it, leave me a comment with the info - especially if it's available in normal 4-person-family sized container!

WDW T-1 day

I have been able to keep all the laundry caught up. So, if anyone asks if the Lord still performs miracles, just send them here for their proof. In addition, my house has stayed more straightened up than normal.

I know. This must be the End Times. Listen for the Trumpet.

Who am I kidding? I'll leave behind a puddle of empty clothes and empty over-priced running shoes (that have never actually run.)

back to our regularly scheduled obsessing...

  • chose and matched and packed Stinkerbell's clothes, underwear, pj's and socks. (failed to leave out enough underwear for her to wear today and tomorrow. found extra pair and laid it out with her clothes for tomorrow.)
  • chose The Mighty Hunter's clothes - check. Need to pack them still.
  • washed all of Lucky's new shorts and shirts. matched them up and have most of them packed.
  • shipped off box with extra diapers, nebulizer and meds (worry-wart Mommy - check), booster seat, extra bottle - check.
  • cleaning out fridge and eating every possible combination of left-overs until we're sick of them - check
  • oil change for Pimped Out Mamamobile - today
  • extra sleep - fuhgeddaboutit
  • empty back of van - this evening
  • mow yard - today
  • give extra keys to house to my parents - today

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

WDW T-2 days

First, let me say that last night Stinkerbell's team played a wonderful game. The other team was a good match. The score tied at 9 at the end of the hour time allowance. But since it was the last game on that field, the umpires let them play to break the tie. Then they tied it up at 12. So, one more inning. And the other team (who was the home team) scored in the bottom of the inning and won 13-12.

At least that's how I think it played out. I was so darn tired. The girls had to be there at 5:30 for team pictures. The game didn't start till 6:30, and it didn't end until 8:30. It got cool when the sun went down, making us parents, sitting relatively still on the cold metal bleachers with short sleeves, a little chilly. And knowing that my mom (thank you, Jesus, for my mom!) had been keeping Lucky since 5:00, I was a little stressed.

Stinkerbell and I rushed home, stomachs growling to find Lucky in his pj's, drinking his bottle (no, I still haven't taken it away. shut up.) almost asleep.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled obsessive-compulsive WDW planning...

  • forget the swimsuit search here in Alabama - decided that there might be bigger and better selections in FLORIDA, a state that sticks out into the ocean and has a gabillion lakes and rivers. duh.
  • daydream of more sleep.
  • need to find Stinkerbell a light rain jacket. (You see it rains a lot in Florida.)
  • need another pair of pj's for Lucky. Will probably wait till we get to Florida and are in the middle of searching for a swimsuit.
  • daydream of more sleep.
  • get Pimped Out Mamamobile serviced - this evening, at W-M.
  • drag out monster-sized suitcases, arrange them on the floor and begin piling stuff in them.
  • dig out those "space bag" things.
  • daydream of more sleep.
  • got address from FIL for shipping booster seat, etc to their house - check
  • trash box you had intended to use for shipping, since Stinkerbell decided that one of its flaps was "perfect" for making a "Stinkerbell's cludhouse. No babiees allouwed." sign.
  • daydream of more sleep.
  • wrote checks for bills that need to mail now and will need to mail while we are gone.
  • empty fridge of furry food.
  • wash endless loads of clothes.
  • daydream of more sleep.
  • daydream of more sleep. will try to sleep on the plane... yeah, right.

Monday, April 21, 2008

BEEYOOOOTIFUL pics and WDW T-3 days

I snapped these in my front yard yesterday.

Hello... Running out of things to list. Got PLENTY of things to do, just can't LIST them... grrr


  • Laundry - in progress
  • 2 more pairs of shorts for Stinkerbell - check
  • another failed and humiliating and demoralizing swimsuit attempt - check
  • get Pimped Out Mamamobile serviced - tomorrow
  • find another pair of pjs for Lucky (where are zip-up, footie pjs when you need them?)
  • shipping status of order for Stinkerbell's new sneakers - check, should arrive Wednesday, will pick up Thursday on way to airport

Menu Plan Monday - 04-21-08

Monday - leftover grilled pork chops and steak and baked potatoes, softball pictures at 5:30 and game at 6:30

Tuesday - baked potatoes and baked pork chops (don't have a recipe for the chops yet, will search the net for this and post it later) (we got a bunch of pork chops at Sam's and they're easy and versatile and both kids love them)

Wednesday - leftovers, pizza, quesadillas, hot dogs - whatever is left in the fridge. We leave for WDW on Thursday, so we have to empty the fridge of things that will stink or need a haircut when we return

Thursday through Tuesday - flying to Orlando and the Most Magical Place on Earth, so we will be eating out and spending too much money on it, but we'll be HAPPY!!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

WDW T-4 days

Are we going to Sea World? Possibly. Stinkerbell and her love for all things crittery will love it.

  • List things to ship to FIL - in progress
  • get address for box
  • try shorts on Stinkerbell, must get a few more pairs
  • tried on my own shorts, curled up into fetal position and sucked my thumb, must get a couple pairs
  • still need to find a swimsuit for myself, more fetal position and thumb-sucking

Saturday, April 19, 2008

WDW T-5 days

  • Got Lucky's swimsuit last night
  • Found his swim diapers left over from last year - will still wear the same size - SCORE!
  • Looked at Sea World's site(s) and decided that I really don't want to waste a day at WDW for it, but it probably won't be up to me. :::sigh:::
  • Lucky's River O' Snot is officially an ear infection. Made sure to mention that he will be flying on Thursday and we want this cleared up ASAP. antibiotics - check and started already
  • new bras for me - check
  • tried on the Ugliest Swimsuit EVER at W-M last night.
  • will continue to look for swimsuits next week.... :::grumble gripe grouch:::
  • need to call FIL and arrange to ship Lucky's portable booster seat and some misc. baby stuff to him so that it is there when we arrive Thursday...

I discovered super good friend and her family are going to WDW later in May. This will be their first trip and I'm just as excited for them as I am for US!

AND the guy who hosts our company's website and does the email servers stuff and his family are already there. It's the first trip for his wife and 3 kids.

I'm terribly excited.

Friday, April 18, 2008

WDW T-6 days

WDW park passes from bank vault box - check
looked at swimsuits at 2 stores for self, admitted defeat, will try W-M tonight

Thursday, April 17, 2008

step away from the day planner lady

The Project Planner in me has been unleashed.

I'll admit to being OC. I've taken meds for it in the past, while trying to get a grip over it and the rest of my life. Once I achieved a certain level of control over (or comfort with) my OCD behaviors, I weined (weaned, I've got to look up that word) myself off them and have staggered through life anti-anxiety-med-free for 8 years now.

Part of my OC tendencies are helpful from time to time in life. My ability to count constantly was super-helpful in high school and college while playing the uber-cool clarinet in band. (Yes, I was a band geek. Matter of fact, I was the Band Geek Leader -aka drum major - in high school. I simply marched in the band at Auburn University. But that makes me an Incredibly Cool College Band Geek. One day I'll have to post the story about being drug off the field at halftime... on tv.)


Counting was also helpful in my "career" as a bank teller after college. To this day, I still have trouble counting past 25. When you count money, you count multiples no higher than 25 in any denomination. When I get to 30, I start over with 1. It's complicated. I could explain it but then you'd find a mental health practitioner and convince them I need my meds again.

ahem ahem

Oh, for the benefits of cleaning OCD. Unfortunately, my SIL got my dose of that particular obsession/phobia. Her house is NEVER dirty. But she's still never happy with it. My house gets cleaned up MAYBE weekly. My contentedness over it being cleans vanishes as the dust begins to settle on the tables and the Cheerios get crushed underfoot again. All that effort - pissed away again.

Besides, I'd rather blog than clean.

... What has this got to do with anything??? ...

... Oh, yeah. I remember. ...

My OCD is helpful also when I have a project of some sort in front of me. I'm one of those (annoying?) people who sees, in my head, from A to Z. I get all in a tizzy of the B-Y of a project, to the point that I enjoy this just as much as the end result of whatever project/obsession lies ahead of me.

And, NOW, I have a family vacation to plan. And shop for. And pack for. And coordinate. And EXECUTE.

Lucky you, my 2 readers. You will share in my planning and progress as the Auburn Family Always prepares for their trip to the HAPPIEST, MOST MAGICAL, WONDERFULEST PLACE ON EARTH.

Walt Disney World.

Breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Castle for 6 - check
Plane tickets purchased and questions answered about carseats, etc - check
Stinkerbell excused from school and DIBELS testing planned accordingly - check
extra sunblock purchased - check
swimsuits - Stinkerbell, TMH - check me? Lucky?
new tennis shoes for Stinkerbell - ordered, will pick up on way to airport
new bras for me - maybe tomorrow
go to bank and get WDW passes out of vault box - maybe tomorrow

gotta feed the monster and myself some lunch now, but dontyouworry, I'll come back and update you and complete this little list, and I'm sure I'll add to it...

A LOT...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

a great surprise

The Mighty Hunter has to go to Sarasota, Florida, on Friday, April 25. Stinkerbell is out of school that day (unused weather day. don't ask. I don't understand it either.) Before I learned of his trip to Sarasota, I had schemed a plan for him to take Stinkerbell hunting. It's turkey season here in Alabama, and he loves it, and she has missed him when he has gone on overnight hunting trips lately.

You can imagine my disappointment when I learned that he couldn't take her hunting. (yes, I was actually disappointed. strange, I know)

So, yesterday, I had the WONDERFUL opportunity to get my natural platinum highlights covered with a beautiful mousey brown... sans Lucky. So, there I sit in the salon chair. Enjoying my attempts to read the lips of the Days of Our Lives cast and enjoying the lively discussion with my hair-gal who is 3 weeks away from giving birth to her first-born. (I didn't scare her too much. It was the girl in the other chair talking about her 85 hour labor that kinda made her whimper.) Uber-kewl cell phone rings. It's The Mighty Hunter asking me to think through the logistics of all of us going to Florida and possibly going to Walt Disney World.

I list the things that Stinkerbell would miss and not miss if we went. We weigh them out and agree that she'd GLADLY choose WDW. She's a GREAT student so the classwork won't be a problem.

After school, The Mighty Hunter has found plane tickets for all 4 of us for about $330. We won't need a rental car or hotel room. His dad works there and has a big ol' house with a pool. (gotta find me a swimsuit. SHEESH I hate shopping for swimsuits!!!) We have unused, never-expire days on our WDW tickets from 2 years ago.

We share the news with Stinkerbell. She falls down with excitement. At least there was no ear-piercing, shrill, shrieking screams.

We begin planning the rest of the trip...

I scored breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Table on Monday morning. The rest is up in the air, but we'll figure it out later.

I'm so excited, I almost cried yesterday.

Works For Me Wednesday 1

Whenever I have a recipe that calls for broth or bullion, I use those little bullion cubes and make my own. 1 cube + 1 cup water = 1 cup broth/bullion. (Yes, I know there is a difference in broth and bullion, but I don't really care. I use them interchangeably, here and in my cooking! nyeh!)
I tried for a while to simply heat the water with the bullion cube in the microwave, but the cube never dissolved completely. I was left trying to stir/crush the cube into the water - unsucessfully, usually.
One day, as I was cooking and ready to use my bullion cubes, I was having one of those cabinet-door-slamming-shut days. I reached for my bullion cube container from Sam's. I placed the cubes on the counter and picked up my rolling pin (not sure why it was out. also not sure why I even have one. I really only use it whack things.) I took my rolling pins and whacked the cubes.
After finding where the cube landed after flying out from under the rolling pin, I decided that something else might accomplish the job and be a little less dangerous.
I now, take a very hard (corningware, I think) flat-bottomed bowl and whack the bullion cubes I need to use. One good whack will pulverize the cube. It is now ready to drop into the water and microwave into perfectly ready broth/bullion/whatever.
And there's the bonus of getting to pound out some frustrations too! woo hoo!

Monday, April 14, 2008

the most hated day of the year

Tomorrow is the most hated day of the year for everyone except tax preparers.

Tax preparers are happy to see it come and go. Their vacation is just around the corner.

Yet, for most of us, April 15 sucks.

April 15 is an interesting day in the Auburn Family Always.

I got pregnant with Stinkerbell on April 15, 2000. That very same day, a dear friend (and mother of our Godsons) went into rehab for rx pain med addiction. Happy 8, Les! You rock!

For the last few years, The Mighty Hunter and I have owed the IRS and our state for unpaid taxes. This sucks.

This year, we are getting refunds.

REFUNDS. Thank you Jesus!

They're actually bigger refunds than we'd prefer to get, but we'll take it. It would have HURT to dig into our savings to have to pay those money grubbers again.

It's just nice to know that our savings account will recover a good bit in a few weeks. Then, that tax rebate will appear.

That will be nice, too. Thank you W, and Congress.

Menu Plan Monday

This is my first participation in Menu Plan Monday, hosted by The Organizing Junkie. I can't help but love someone who calls themself a "junkie" about something so wonderful as "organizing". I'm not a very organized person. I used to be. I wish I were again. I'm trying to get there, but it's taking some time. I do plan my week's menu and TRY to plan my week's chores, projects, etc.

Here's my menu plan for this week and some reasonings for why we're eating what when...

Monday - some kind of baked chicken. probably Margarita chicken (first thing listed here.) and Stinkerbell's famous baked potatoes. (Stinkerbell's first softball game is tonight at 5:30. I'll try to get this ready beforehand so that we can just come home after the game and pig out.)

Tuesday - quesadillas. This is something I can do short-order cook style. We either use fat free or whole wheat tortillas. I take a can of chicken and drain it, then stir chili powder, cumin and cinnamon into it as I shred it with a fork. Then I load up the shells with chicken, drained rotel, diced chiles, chopped onions, jalapenos (not for me!) and cheese. These can be very low fat and low WW points.

Wednesday - hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill.

Thursday - The Mighty Hunter's business is hosting an Open House/Grand Opening this night. We will probably eat some of the stuff there and/or get a pizza delivered to the breakroom. I'm making brownies for the night. The rest of the stuff is coming from the deli or Sam's. The kids will be getting spoiled by their Nanny and will eat whatever they want.

Friday - second softball night of the week. I think I'll do burritos or something that can reheat easily after the game.

Saturday - taco ring.

Sunday - grilled pork chops, baked veggie something or other.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

a treasure

I left him sleeping on my bed. He's had a good, long nap and needed it after keeping us both awake much of the night with his wiggling and tossing and turning. I had napped with him for about an hour before getting up.

I hear him cry out, letting me know he is now awake and ready to join the rest of the house in its normal Saturday afternoon activity.

I dash up the hall, hurrying to get to him before he crawls off the bed. He can turn around and get off the bed on his own, but knowing he's sleepy, I worry he might just forget where he is and what to do.

I step through the door and there he sits.

Middle of the bed.

Fluffy hair.

Red cheek with a pillow crease from his eyebrow to his chin.

No pappi.

Big toothy smile.

"dah guhluhh duhhh"

Friday, April 11, 2008

what's for dinner

Thursday, April 10

8 chicken breasts, seasoned with a spice rub I make (use your favorite) and marinated in Margarita mix - grilled

and this


Tuesday, April 8

Creamy Pasta Primavera (with chicken)

I haven't cooked this in a few weeks, but probably will next week.


And then there's my own made-up recipe of Rotelly chicken...

boneless chicken breasts, seasoned with my spice rub (or your favorite)
Rotelly mix:
can of Rotel tomatoes/chiles stuff
can diced chiles
1/2 can tomato sauce (or more to thicken Rotel)
1/2 can whole kernel corn
3 T brown sugar

combine. Pour over chicken in baking dish. Bake at 300 for 30 minutes or until chicken tests done with your handy dandy thermometer.

Sprinkle with shredded cheddar cheese and eat up with tortilla chips and sour cream.

a couple of things

This post may stretch into a long one, so prepare yourself with your favorite drink and a snack.

The Mighty Hunter and I have been having a discussion lately. It's a well-intended one, without malice or frustration or resentment. Full of "don't do this for me" and "do this for yourself".

A little background would be helpful...

I am not a really big person. 5'6". 135 lbs. Long arms and legs and pointy faced. (I'm aware that I've just described the Grinch. And, for some reason, it doesn't bother me.) I've been accused of being taller than I really am. I blame it on being "willowy" and "limby" and very clumsy for my size.

I wear a size 6 jeans again (as long as they have the appropriate amount of lycra to allow for them to stretch out and, you know, fit.) I like a fitted t-shirt and usually buy a size small to keep from looking sloppy and like I just rolled out of bed.

Although I may have just rolled out of bed and probably still look that way even when I put forth a lot of effort.

I have some nice-sized , shapely thighs (read: flabby, out-of-shape). My butt is not that round, sexy J-Lo shape. It's more of the wide-hipped, flabby, get-off-your-butt-and-quit-blogging shape. I'm padded on the sides more than the bottom.

I'm not an unhealthy shape or size, but I'm most definitely NOT athletic or "in shape".

If I could take the slim-ness (I just made that word up - yo!) of my upper body and shape my legs and hips in the same way, I'd actually be pretty slim and fit-looking.

The skin on my tummy is stretched from having carried two good-sized babies inside it (8.5lbs and 9 lbs). But God blessed me with strong ab muscles and a decently strong back (which might explain the big babies), so I'm pretty firm in the tummy - even if the skin is a little, shall we say, "loose" there.

Diet tip alert: Should you want to know how I dropped 10lbs and firmed my ab muscles in a week, I totally recommend the flu, followed up with pneumonia. There's nothing like a failed appetite and constant spasms of coughs to get your abs ready for those tummy-bearing swimsuits.

So, my point - and I do have one... I'm not a chesty person. I was not blessed (or cursed, depending on the amount of blessing) with large b00bs. While I nursed Lucky, I enjoyed a large chest and having shirts that actually fit. I finally grew accustomed to men looking at my b00bs.

Before last summer, I had never had to deal with wondering why it took so long to read the print on my tshirts. But with the milk b00bs, I learned what this was like.

Alas, all good things come to an end, and in November, I weined (weaned?) Lucky. He transitioned to formula and a bottle without any difficulty and my milk b00bs shriveled up.


When I lay down at night, I'm completely flat chested. The breast tissue stretched out completely and lost all its elasticity and fullness. To put on my bra, I have to wiggle them around until they are in the small, very padded B cups. I have the b00bs of a 70 year-old woman... wrinkled, shriveled, flabby, flat, droopy and SAD.

The Mighty Hunter has told me that if I'm really as unhappy as I say I am, I should go see a surgeon and get myself some new b00bs. He says he's happy with me and my b00bs as they are. But lemmetellya, he'd better say that. He's not that stupid. But I feel sure that he'd love it if I had some cleavage.




So, what do you think?

I'm through with having babies - unless God has something in mind that He has notified me about yet.

Here, in concise bullet form, are some random positives and negatives about the whole b00b job thing...

  • the things/opinions I've had about other girls who've had b00b jobs already.

  • the risk (low, but still a calculable risk) of having elective surgery.

  • the whole "she died and left her children without a mother for a nice rack."

  • the whole "she is soooo vain" thing.

  • why can't I be content with my body as it has evolved through and because of motherhood.

  • how big should I go?

  • is it worth it?

Since you are my closest and dearest friends that I've never met, ahem, share your thoughts and opinions on this with me.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

sad realization

This morning I faced reality. I have now come to terms with the very pitiful fact that my identity as a mom has affected me in a new, completely unexpected way.

I have been aware for quite a while that I am not listening to much "current" music. I just don't care for much of it. I can only think of one current "popular" artist's name to give my official "bleh" opinion - Fergie. I actually like some of Natasha Bedingfield's songs, but I have to be honest and admit that it's only because the one song I'm thinking of is on a hair product commercial.

My taste in music falls in the Southern Rock genre, with a big slice of Contemporary Christian/Christian Rock.

The radio stations in my area are of no help either.

There are 2 Christian stations. One is part of the Moody Bible Institute network, which I enjoy but easily tire of all the talk-talk-talking they do. The other is part of the Immanuel Broadcasting network. While it plays more music, my reception is not great.

There are a few country stations - bleh. One "current hits" station, which further confirms my dislike of current music styles.

If there was a station that played constant Third Day, Jennifer Knapp, Eagles, Journey, Bon Jovi, John Mellencamp, Steven Curtis Chapman, Casting Crowns - its frequency would be permanently burned into my radio dial - much like the CRTs of years ago.

What? I can do something like this on my iPod? And my iPhone too? Oh, yeah. I knew that. It's just that I hate to wear ear buds and haven't found just the right docking station yet.

What? I can play it from my puter on my iTunes? Yeah, I know. But if my puter is on, then I want to sit down and work on my relationship with it instead of doing the things that really need my attention - like cleaning and caring for my kiddos.

Back to my sad realization...

In addition to my realization of being "completely and utterly out of touch" with the current music scene, I am painfully aware that I need to just simply stop dancing. I never was what anyone would call a good dancer. I never took a dance lesson. My dad is a Baptist preacher - and he didn't approve of dancing. My mom had to hide the fact that we went to the school dances from him.

Sad, I know. True, though.

So, having never had any dance Technique or Lessons in my past, I had to rely on my merely adequate rhythm and sense of music.

Even that fails me now.

You see. I was dancing to Sesame Street's theme.

I can't think of anything else to say that would finish this post any more perfectly.....
Lucky is astounded and frightened by his mother's dancing ability.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

This very well be my last post

but probably not...

I have the flu. or bronchitis. or strep. or pneumonia. or the plague.

I'm voting the plague.

I went to the doctor Monday and again today. While waiting today, I typed the following post in my email. My uberkool iPhone will not let me post here. (I should probably say that I haven't had the patience to figure out how. So, for all practical matters, it will not let me post. so there.)

I'm dying.

I have tried to end it all by coughing up my lungs. When I cough I need to blow my nose. When I try to blow my nose it makes me cough.

Stinkerbell was the first to get sick. She missed three days of school but is fine now.

I haven't ever been one to run a fever. My resting temp is 97.5. I know this because I took my temp every. single. morning. for endless months when I was trying to get pregnant with
Lucky. The last time I had a fever was the night I went back into the hospital for my d&c after squeezing the 9lb monster out my patooty.

I have now had a fever for 2 days.

The Mighty Hunter was out of town Tuesday night. It would have been little help for him to be home. Men are just not very helpful when the kids are sick. May the good Lord help us all if I'm sick at the same time as the kids AND he is!

I feel certain that should that perfect storm of cold bugs collide in the Auburn home, the sun would implode on itself, the moon would crumble, the oceans would fly from the surface of the earth and there would be no more chocolate. Clearly, the latter would be the greatest of all these tragedies.

So I was blessed with my moms help while The Mighty Hunter hunted turkeys. (Yes, a turkey hunting turkeys. Imagine that.)

As he drove home yesterday, he called to check in on us. My nickname when I'm sick is Mary - as in Typhoid.

Mary, how is everyone?

I'm dying. Thank you. We need a truck load of puffs plus, cough drops, milk and tomato bisque soup (im picky but especially picky when I'm sick.)

What do you think you have, Mary?

He thinks he's so cute.

The plague. I've run a fever. I've never coughed up so much crap. I've used all but the last 15 puffs plus for 15 square miles.

So I guess a little bl0w j0b is out of the question.

Not necessarily. I think you can do it for yourself after I rip your head off your shoulders.

There were, miraculously, no 911 calls or police reports filed from our house last night.

But, lemmetellya. I feel certain that no jury in this country would convict me.