Monday, April 14, 2008

the most hated day of the year

Tomorrow is the most hated day of the year for everyone except tax preparers.

Tax preparers are happy to see it come and go. Their vacation is just around the corner.

Yet, for most of us, April 15 sucks.

April 15 is an interesting day in the Auburn Family Always.

I got pregnant with Stinkerbell on April 15, 2000. That very same day, a dear friend (and mother of our Godsons) went into rehab for rx pain med addiction. Happy 8, Les! You rock!

For the last few years, The Mighty Hunter and I have owed the IRS and our state for unpaid taxes. This sucks.

This year, we are getting refunds.

REFUNDS. Thank you Jesus!

They're actually bigger refunds than we'd prefer to get, but we'll take it. It would have HURT to dig into our savings to have to pay those money grubbers again.

It's just nice to know that our savings account will recover a good bit in a few weeks. Then, that tax rebate will appear.

That will be nice, too. Thank you W, and Congress.

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