Tuesday, April 22, 2008

WDW T-2 days

First, let me say that last night Stinkerbell's team played a wonderful game. The other team was a good match. The score tied at 9 at the end of the hour time allowance. But since it was the last game on that field, the umpires let them play to break the tie. Then they tied it up at 12. So, one more inning. And the other team (who was the home team) scored in the bottom of the inning and won 13-12.

At least that's how I think it played out. I was so darn tired. The girls had to be there at 5:30 for team pictures. The game didn't start till 6:30, and it didn't end until 8:30. It got cool when the sun went down, making us parents, sitting relatively still on the cold metal bleachers with short sleeves, a little chilly. And knowing that my mom (thank you, Jesus, for my mom!) had been keeping Lucky since 5:00, I was a little stressed.

Stinkerbell and I rushed home, stomachs growling to find Lucky in his pj's, drinking his bottle (no, I still haven't taken it away. shut up.) almost asleep.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled obsessive-compulsive WDW planning...

  • forget the swimsuit search here in Alabama - decided that there might be bigger and better selections in FLORIDA, a state that sticks out into the ocean and has a gabillion lakes and rivers. duh.
  • daydream of more sleep.
  • need to find Stinkerbell a light rain jacket. (You see it rains a lot in Florida.)
  • need another pair of pj's for Lucky. Will probably wait till we get to Florida and are in the middle of searching for a swimsuit.
  • daydream of more sleep.
  • get Pimped Out Mamamobile serviced - this evening, at W-M.
  • drag out monster-sized suitcases, arrange them on the floor and begin piling stuff in them.
  • dig out those "space bag" things.
  • daydream of more sleep.
  • got address from FIL for shipping booster seat, etc to their house - check
  • trash box you had intended to use for shipping, since Stinkerbell decided that one of its flaps was "perfect" for making a "Stinkerbell's cludhouse. No babiees allouwed." sign.
  • daydream of more sleep.
  • wrote checks for bills that need to mail now and will need to mail while we are gone.
  • empty fridge of furry food.
  • wash endless loads of clothes.
  • daydream of more sleep.
  • daydream of more sleep. will try to sleep on the plane... yeah, right.

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Love Bears All Things said...

I haven't visited in a while. Sounds like things are better with you. Have a good time on vacation.
About the swimsuit issue: I've found that Chadwicks on line has the best quality and selection for the money. I've been buying form them for years.
Mama Bear