Saturday, April 12, 2008

a treasure

I left him sleeping on my bed. He's had a good, long nap and needed it after keeping us both awake much of the night with his wiggling and tossing and turning. I had napped with him for about an hour before getting up.

I hear him cry out, letting me know he is now awake and ready to join the rest of the house in its normal Saturday afternoon activity.

I dash up the hall, hurrying to get to him before he crawls off the bed. He can turn around and get off the bed on his own, but knowing he's sleepy, I worry he might just forget where he is and what to do.

I step through the door and there he sits.

Middle of the bed.

Fluffy hair.

Red cheek with a pillow crease from his eyebrow to his chin.

No pappi.

Big toothy smile.

"dah guhluhh duhhh"

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