Wednesday, April 16, 2008

a great surprise

The Mighty Hunter has to go to Sarasota, Florida, on Friday, April 25. Stinkerbell is out of school that day (unused weather day. don't ask. I don't understand it either.) Before I learned of his trip to Sarasota, I had schemed a plan for him to take Stinkerbell hunting. It's turkey season here in Alabama, and he loves it, and she has missed him when he has gone on overnight hunting trips lately.

You can imagine my disappointment when I learned that he couldn't take her hunting. (yes, I was actually disappointed. strange, I know)

So, yesterday, I had the WONDERFUL opportunity to get my natural platinum highlights covered with a beautiful mousey brown... sans Lucky. So, there I sit in the salon chair. Enjoying my attempts to read the lips of the Days of Our Lives cast and enjoying the lively discussion with my hair-gal who is 3 weeks away from giving birth to her first-born. (I didn't scare her too much. It was the girl in the other chair talking about her 85 hour labor that kinda made her whimper.) Uber-kewl cell phone rings. It's The Mighty Hunter asking me to think through the logistics of all of us going to Florida and possibly going to Walt Disney World.

I list the things that Stinkerbell would miss and not miss if we went. We weigh them out and agree that she'd GLADLY choose WDW. She's a GREAT student so the classwork won't be a problem.

After school, The Mighty Hunter has found plane tickets for all 4 of us for about $330. We won't need a rental car or hotel room. His dad works there and has a big ol' house with a pool. (gotta find me a swimsuit. SHEESH I hate shopping for swimsuits!!!) We have unused, never-expire days on our WDW tickets from 2 years ago.

We share the news with Stinkerbell. She falls down with excitement. At least there was no ear-piercing, shrill, shrieking screams.

We begin planning the rest of the trip...

I scored breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Table on Monday morning. The rest is up in the air, but we'll figure it out later.

I'm so excited, I almost cried yesterday.

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