Monday, April 21, 2008

BEEYOOOOTIFUL pics and WDW T-3 days

I snapped these in my front yard yesterday.

Hello... Running out of things to list. Got PLENTY of things to do, just can't LIST them... grrr


  • Laundry - in progress
  • 2 more pairs of shorts for Stinkerbell - check
  • another failed and humiliating and demoralizing swimsuit attempt - check
  • get Pimped Out Mamamobile serviced - tomorrow
  • find another pair of pjs for Lucky (where are zip-up, footie pjs when you need them?)
  • shipping status of order for Stinkerbell's new sneakers - check, should arrive Wednesday, will pick up Thursday on way to airport


Super B's Mom said...


The swimsuit comment? Hilarious. Oh honey how I can relate. I've lost weight over the last 6mths and thought I was doing alright until I tried on my swimsuit.

O.M.G. I wanted to puke. I put the thing back in the closet where it belongs. *sigh*

Have a great time at WDW!!

Mrs Nespy said...

Wow! Great pictures! Maybe you should try to make some money doing this professionally! =)

By the way, I know you already seem to have plenty to do, but if you have 5 extra minutes, I have tagged you for a meme.

moosh in indy. said...

Have you looked at Athleta swimsuits? They're pretty spectacular. That's worth a try?