Monday, April 21, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - 04-21-08

Monday - leftover grilled pork chops and steak and baked potatoes, softball pictures at 5:30 and game at 6:30

Tuesday - baked potatoes and baked pork chops (don't have a recipe for the chops yet, will search the net for this and post it later) (we got a bunch of pork chops at Sam's and they're easy and versatile and both kids love them)

Wednesday - leftovers, pizza, quesadillas, hot dogs - whatever is left in the fridge. We leave for WDW on Thursday, so we have to empty the fridge of things that will stink or need a haircut when we return

Thursday through Tuesday - flying to Orlando and the Most Magical Place on Earth, so we will be eating out and spending too much money on it, but we'll be HAPPY!!!!

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