Wednesday, April 23, 2008

WDW T-1 day

I have been able to keep all the laundry caught up. So, if anyone asks if the Lord still performs miracles, just send them here for their proof. In addition, my house has stayed more straightened up than normal.

I know. This must be the End Times. Listen for the Trumpet.

Who am I kidding? I'll leave behind a puddle of empty clothes and empty over-priced running shoes (that have never actually run.)

back to our regularly scheduled obsessing...

  • chose and matched and packed Stinkerbell's clothes, underwear, pj's and socks. (failed to leave out enough underwear for her to wear today and tomorrow. found extra pair and laid it out with her clothes for tomorrow.)
  • chose The Mighty Hunter's clothes - check. Need to pack them still.
  • washed all of Lucky's new shorts and shirts. matched them up and have most of them packed.
  • shipped off box with extra diapers, nebulizer and meds (worry-wart Mommy - check), booster seat, extra bottle - check.
  • cleaning out fridge and eating every possible combination of left-overs until we're sick of them - check
  • oil change for Pimped Out Mamamobile - today
  • extra sleep - fuhgeddaboutit
  • empty back of van - this evening
  • mow yard - today
  • give extra keys to house to my parents - today

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