Thursday, April 17, 2008

step away from the day planner lady

The Project Planner in me has been unleashed.

I'll admit to being OC. I've taken meds for it in the past, while trying to get a grip over it and the rest of my life. Once I achieved a certain level of control over (or comfort with) my OCD behaviors, I weined (weaned, I've got to look up that word) myself off them and have staggered through life anti-anxiety-med-free for 8 years now.

Part of my OC tendencies are helpful from time to time in life. My ability to count constantly was super-helpful in high school and college while playing the uber-cool clarinet in band. (Yes, I was a band geek. Matter of fact, I was the Band Geek Leader -aka drum major - in high school. I simply marched in the band at Auburn University. But that makes me an Incredibly Cool College Band Geek. One day I'll have to post the story about being drug off the field at halftime... on tv.)


Counting was also helpful in my "career" as a bank teller after college. To this day, I still have trouble counting past 25. When you count money, you count multiples no higher than 25 in any denomination. When I get to 30, I start over with 1. It's complicated. I could explain it but then you'd find a mental health practitioner and convince them I need my meds again.

ahem ahem

Oh, for the benefits of cleaning OCD. Unfortunately, my SIL got my dose of that particular obsession/phobia. Her house is NEVER dirty. But she's still never happy with it. My house gets cleaned up MAYBE weekly. My contentedness over it being cleans vanishes as the dust begins to settle on the tables and the Cheerios get crushed underfoot again. All that effort - pissed away again.

Besides, I'd rather blog than clean.

... What has this got to do with anything??? ...

... Oh, yeah. I remember. ...

My OCD is helpful also when I have a project of some sort in front of me. I'm one of those (annoying?) people who sees, in my head, from A to Z. I get all in a tizzy of the B-Y of a project, to the point that I enjoy this just as much as the end result of whatever project/obsession lies ahead of me.

And, NOW, I have a family vacation to plan. And shop for. And pack for. And coordinate. And EXECUTE.

Lucky you, my 2 readers. You will share in my planning and progress as the Auburn Family Always prepares for their trip to the HAPPIEST, MOST MAGICAL, WONDERFULEST PLACE ON EARTH.

Walt Disney World.

Breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Castle for 6 - check
Plane tickets purchased and questions answered about carseats, etc - check
Stinkerbell excused from school and DIBELS testing planned accordingly - check
extra sunblock purchased - check
swimsuits - Stinkerbell, TMH - check me? Lucky?
new tennis shoes for Stinkerbell - ordered, will pick up on way to airport
new bras for me - maybe tomorrow
go to bank and get WDW passes out of vault box - maybe tomorrow

gotta feed the monster and myself some lunch now, but dontyouworry, I'll come back and update you and complete this little list, and I'm sure I'll add to it...

A LOT...

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