Saturday, April 01, 2006

I hate this time of year.

I've already told you that in a previous post. It's sooooo busy. T-ball two nights per week. Church twice on Sunday and again on Wednesday evenings. Now, those are not at all what I hate about this time of year. It's the EXTRA stuff that really stinks.

The regular routines of life are not reduced just because it gets busier now. We still get up and go to work and pre-school each day. We still cook, eat, clean, wash, bathe, pay bills, buy groceries, etc.

But now we start adding things to it.

T-ball is the first and most important addition. As DH started his business last year, DD sacrificed her time just as much as DD and I. T-ball is our first opportunity to dedicate DD-specific fun-time as repayment on her sacrifices.

Then there's taxes. Is there anyone that enjoys tax time? Well besides those CPAs who really need to get a life!!!

Then there's the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. DH's mother died of chronic lymphocytic leukemia almost 6 years ago. (I'm sure I misspelled that.) For the last 4 years we've participated to varying degrees in the annual fundraiser (Relay for Life) in her memory. It's a really wonderful event. Some emotional moments, of course, but still lots of fun too. All in the name of cancer research. The Relay in our area is on April 7. My involvement this year is merely donating and attending. I've not had the free time to seek out any donations other than from us as a family.

Then there's Vacation Bible School (VBS). It's in June, but we're already starting to prepare and study and pray. It, too, is a lot of fun. But it's also a lot of hard work. More than the Relay for Life, it's an incredibly worthwhile effort and event. Our little country church goes all out for the kids.

Then there's the grass. Or wild onions, anyway. We have almost an equal mix of grass and onions right now. The grass/onions is tall enough to need mowing in just spots. The lawnmower is still at the implement place, getting serviced, so we couldn't have mowed it today if we had had the time!

Then there's doctor's visits. Both my parents had colonoscopies over the past 2 weeks! (Sorry, I just can't bring myself to put a link at "colonoscopies.") They both were given positive results and don't need to go back again for 3 years. This is particularly good for my mom. She has had to have a colonoscopy every single year for at least the last 10 years. And for a period of 18 months, she went every 6 months. She has a history of polyps, which have been pre-cancerous but always removed completely.

Then, for most of us in the US, there's Daylight Savings Time. It never bothers me too much, but I suspect this year that it will. You see, it's 3:04am and I've been up finishing up the tax prep crap, er, work. But I need to run all the clocks up an hour, so it's really 4:05am. And I'm supposed to get up and go to church at 10:45am. We haven't been going regularly lately, and I miss it. I miss the "fellowship" with my church family. I miss the worship too.

So, now I've gotten the tax crap, er, stuff, together. I'm sleepy. I'm shutting down Trixie and going to bed.

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