Friday, August 25, 2006

Things you only hear in a public restroom when DD and I are there!!!

Lucky you... I have decided that since this blog is the closest thing I'll probably ever have to a journal, I would like to record some memories that I am afraid I'll forget. So, today, I hope you'll indulge me a couple of funny stories on DD.

DD has a knack for saying very funny things. I'll concede that she is not the only 5 y-o to have that amazing gift. Nor is she the only one to have the most perfect (or NOT so perfect) timing when choosing to say her funny things. But crowded public bathrooms seem to be her favorite place to blurt out her interesting statements...

I'll go in chronological order...

DD was probably 2 y-o when she and I were in a local clothing store. One or both of us needed to use the restroom, so off we go. It was not a busy day in the store, so I indulged myself and used the large stall intended for wheelchair use. (y, I know that's tacky, but I did it anyway. I still do it a lot too. shame shame shame on me) Anyway... as we were taking our turns on the potty, she starts talking her head off about whatever is on her mind at the moment.

background info: she was all into superheroes at the time. AND at bedtime, we'd talk about what she wanted to be when she grew up. regular answers included: cooker-man, teacher, hair-fixer, computer-worker, mommy, super hero, farmer, horse-rider, etc., etc., etc.,

Back to the story...

So, DD is blabbing away in her 2 y-o voice about who-knows-what. Sometime during this monologue, another woman enters the restroom and uses another stall. I try to shush DD, thinking "it's only a matter of time before she says something I'll regret and have to apologize to the stranger on the other side of the partition." No luck on the shushing.


(don't you like the way I'm working on my building suspense into my posts???)

Suddenly, DD stops mid-sentence. She turns to me - or looks up at me, depending on who's on the potty - and says, "Mommy, I've decided I don't want to be a mommy when I gwow up. I'm sowwy."

"You don't? Why not? Being a mommy is such a wonderful thing to be."

"Well, you see. I know that being a mommy is a vewwy special thing, but I just can't be a mommy AND a supuh-hewo too!"


And then from the other stall, "You can't argue with that!"

So, DD has given up on the dream of being a mommy. Super heroes are not a big goal now either. I think her thing right now is to have a farm and a garden and a bunch of horses and let someone else take care of it all.

Dang! If she isn't just like ME!!! ;-)

Tune in again soon for another Funny DD Public Bathroom Story!

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