Saturday, August 01, 2009

wait just a minute

For your viewing pain, a very badly exposed family portrait from aboard the Mobile Bay Ferry.


I realized today what is the source of my strange feeling of loneliness. It's interesting how expressing myself in this way provides a feeling of companionship.

I miss my blog.

Last weekend, The Mighty Hunter looked for some lost something or other in the barn. Our barn is a refuge for our flea-bag dogs and cat. So, their fleas take a break from the heat by jumping off the animals for a while, (meaning our barn is full of fleas.)


The Mighty Hunter returned from the barn with a few very unwanted hitch-hikers. After helping him pick several fleas off him, while he stood on the driveway in his underwear (and resisting the terrible urge to spray Off! down said underwear) I have been "feeling" fleas on me.

For almost a week, I feel a little tickle on my toe or my ankle or my calf and am convinced that it is a flea. I actually sat and stared at the big toe on my right foot to try to catch the little bugger ON MY TOE and VIOLENTLY KILL IT.

There was nothing on my toe. I watched my toe.

And watched my toe.

And watched my toe.

It tickled.

Nothing was there.

Tonight, it's my left ankle.

Yesterday, I did, however, find the Terrible Fuzz Flea on my hip and took out my vengeance and insanity on it.

I choose to ignore the fact that the Terrible Fuzz Flea is harmless. I choose to focus on the positive feelings of achievement and relief and brutality that I am swimming in.

As you can see, I haven't changed very much. I'm still crazy.

But I'm the funny, harmless kind of crazy.