Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm making like a tree and splittin

or something like that.

Friday morning, I will load the Pimped Out Mamamobile with suitcases that are large enough to hold both Sissy and Lucky and weigh more than Sissy. I will retrieve Carl and Bev from their home. We will drive I-75 until we make a left turn and then follow the GPS to meet The Mighty Hunter.

Saturday morning we will begin our week at Walt Disney World.

That is if my brother is ok. Today, he went to the chiropractor for a sore and stiff neck. He had been a few times already with this complaint. Immediately after getting his neck "adjusted" he vomited and fainted and couldn't stand on his own.

The neck "adjustment" seems to have torn his carotid artery.

No shit. It caused him to have a stroke.

A stroke, people.

From the chiropractor's visit.

He's in the hospital tonight, waiting the results of the MRI to confirm all this. He will meet with a vascular surgeon and possibly have it repaired. He has already recovered from the "event" a great deal. His speech is not slurring anymore. His thinking is clear. He can feel and move his extremities (spell that for me, please!) He is still too dizzy to try to walk, but we're hoping that will recover soon also.

Please pray for Randy.

Truthfully, I'm not certain we'll go to WDW. I can still reschedule our trip. I really don't know what to do.

But, I do want to share with you a free pdf book that I will be printing to read while we drive to WDW or sit at the hospital. It's the link at the top of the right column. Click me.


Karen said...

Isn't a torn carotid kind of incredibly serious? Apparently not as bad as I'm thinking because he's still alive, and doing so much better. We're still praying.

Blondie said...

I am having blogger issues...let me try again!

I will pray for your brother and for your discernment regarding your trip. I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around how this happened! I was considering seeing a chiropractor but now I will reconsider again.

If you go on your trip, have a blast. I know it seems counter-intuitive to have a good time while someone you love is sick. Our January trip came exactly 4 days after our 16 month-old nephew was diagnosed with leukemia. We went anyway (my in-laws did not) and still had a great time. the plan now is to take a huge family Disney trip once Anderson completes treatment.

Super B's Mom said...



Kaye said...

Wow. Seriously...praying for your brother's recovery and your peace of mind and decision about the WDW trip.

You are making me terrified of chiropractors now!