Friday, April 17, 2009

funny memories from WDW 2009

Someone should have told this man to do some push-ups YEARS AGO!

Why would someone (some DAD) do this to an incredibly cute little boy?

I saw this lady in my picture after we got home. I swear in this picture she looks just like Lisa Kudrow. (She's not. How do you know? I didn't tell you about how Lucky and FIL sat next to Lisa Kudrow on the monorail! 'Cause it didn't happen.)

How can there be birds all over a place like WDW and no bird poop?

Why did I allow Pluto to eat my daughter's head? Was I not worried about all the germs in his mouth?

That is all.

You're welcome

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roger said...

Funny situations are everywhere. You just need a keen eye to spot them.