Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Random Randomess from March and April 2009

We tried the new Digiorno's Crispy Flatbread Tuscan Chicken pizza for lunch. New fave!

Easter lunch was a lot of work but very worth it. I'm still enjoying the Potato Corn Mash and the layered chocolate dessert (especially that!). Also, the ham was huge. I'll be freezing some of it for another day and a few casseroles.

I started exercising today. The sight of me in a sleeveless dress was way more depressing than I had prepared myself for. I was the girl in high school that had the awesome, muscular arms and hard, ripped stomach. Now I'm just the girl that went to high school and then turned to flab.

Watch out, calories. Get ready to burn!

Sissy is home from school sick (again!) This time it's a sinus infection with the beginning of bronchitis. Hopefully we got the antibiotics in time to keep it from getting too bad, although it was already pretty miserable.

The Mighty Hunter went to Phoenix today.

The son of a dear friend (see the little patriotic image to the left) is coming home either Friday or Saturday for a few days from IRAQ! IRAQ!!

Did y'all know that I want to redecorate? srsly

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skeeeeeetz said...


I have enjoyed reading your blog. I read a comment you made on a blog posting on April 16 and wanted to commend you on standing up for your brother. I am encouraged to hear of his progress and pray that he will continue to improve.

I apologize that I am commenting on your blog but I had no other way to contact you and felt, after reading your comments, that I had information that can help.

I, too, had a stroke as, from what I believe was, the result of chiropractic treatment and have since been determined to inform people of the risks that chiropractors refuse to do. There is a growing network of concerned individuals that are trying to help the victims and prevent future victims, but the chiropractic community is trying to silence us.

I have written several blog articles that may be of interest to your brother and the people that care about him: and have put together a squidoo lens with a lot of information and links to helpful resources on chiropractic stroke:

I wish you peace,