Monday, March 27, 2006

Am I the only CRAZY one?

I'm beginning to think I am. But who knows. Maybe *I'm* the sane one and the rest of y'all crazy!!!

I was just looking over my blog here. I had added some links and the weather thingies and saw the pictures of my family. Therefore I saw the pictures of myself. And this thought actually crossed my mind. (Yes, I do have a mind!)

"Is that what I REALLY look like?"

And it wasn't one of those "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful" thoughts.

It was more of a "Don't hate yourself because of what you look like" thought.

(This topic had a lot more potential before my interruption.

Now I can't remember any of it.

As I review the above, I'm having some of the same thoughts as before. Deja vu all over again.)

As I was saying....

It was more of a "Don't hate yourself because of what you look like" thought.

I'm not an overly conceited person, I don't think so, anyway. I don't stare into the mirror for 2 hours while getting ready in the morning. I'm one of those who dries her hair, hoping it isn't going to go the wrong direction, because I couldn't use the curling or straightening iron (yes, I have both) to correct my hair's behavior for the LIFE OF ME!!! I merely use them to get a little lift or straightening or whatever they do.

Actually, I use the straightening iron on DD a good bit more than myself.

Just realized it's lunchtime and for ONCE I'm not hungry. That's strange. My stomach has a clock that very predictably tells me that it is 10:30. But it missed it completely today.

Sorry, should have warned you about that tangent. Today's attention deficit forecast is for a high probability of tangents. Take appropriate caution.

Back to my primping routine...

I'm pretty low maintenance. I haven't always been. But life would pass me by if I didn't reduce my personal appearance routine. I'll wear make-up a few times a week at best. I fix my hair to the best of my abilites everyday. I wear earrings 24/7 (my left earlobe is prone to growing closed if not constantly pierced) My watch and laptop interfere with each other. Since I have the OPTION of wearing a watch and my computer options are minimal, the watch stays on the dresser for nights out (vague memories of nights out) or church or other times when I won't need my laptop (aka Sally).

Everyone names their computers, right? My old one is now referred to as Ol' Bessy. My dad's old Dell is Old Blue. His new Toshiba hasn't been nicknamed yet, but Lucky seems to be my favorite, so far. Lucky seems appropriate as I was able to upgrade the warranty to include accidental damage coverage just in time for him to break the latch!

I warned you about the tangents. Stay alert! Both fingers firmly on the mouse!

You know how you think your voice sounds a particular way. THEN the most horrible thing happens. You hear your voice over an answering machine or voicemail. And you say, "Do I really sound like THAT? Turn it off. Turn it off!!"

That's what I'm experiencing over photos of myself while at Disney World.

"Do I really look like THAT? Delete that picture. Delete that picture!!"

I guess I thought my "angular facial features" (translated=pointy chin) were more Michelle Pfeiffery and less Miss Hathaway (from Beverly Hillbillies).

Tangent - did you know that the actress that played Miss Hathaway was also in Sabrina w/Audrey Hepburn? Yup. Saw it on AMC or somewhere this weekend and there she stood.

I think it would help if I were a litte LESS low maintenance. DH would like it. DD would have fun too.

We'll see.

Meanwhile, I have a bunch of pictures to paste Michelle's face into over mine.

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