Monday, March 20, 2006

Intro and whining...

It's Monday. I'm at work. I'm NOT working. I want to be at home napping. Nope, not today!

As means of introducing myself to WHOEVER IS BORED ENOUGH TO SEEK OUT MY BLOG AND ACTUALLY READ IT... I willbriefly (maybe not) describe myself and my current life and its manic schedule.

I'm 35, and married for 13 years with a 5 year-old daughter. DH is 36. I work for my dad as his business manager, director of government sales and office supervisor. Dad's companies are #1 agricultural parts sales and #2 waste oil furnace sales and service and #3 R&D of alternative fuel furnaces.

I also work on a purely philanthropic basis for my husband. (Yes, I know. I'm nuts.) DH's company sells windows, doors and millwork. I handle their network admin, new pc set-up, corporate identity production (logos, cards, etc.), bookeeping assistance.

The computer stuff is brain candy. I'm self-taught on most of what I do..... just about everything, really. I'm rusty on some things and use some "mickey mouse" software to do some stuff. But I can usually find a work-around with what I have. I'm learning Macromedia's FreeHand. It's causing some gray hairs!

DH and I started in February trying to have baby #2. At fertility sites, that is called TTC (trying to conceive!). I've learned more about my cycles and fertility and hormones and fluids and basal body temperature and timing and counting and charting and a score other things that somehow relate to TTC than I EVER thought I would know. I really feel smart and dumb at the same time now!

A dear friend of mine (hey, Rach!) is also TTC. She's cold up in Minnesota and I'm warming up in Alabama, so we support each other via email, messenger and phone calls. She's the best. (you know it, sista!) We met and became friends while at Auburn (War Eagle!). Studied and researched together through our senior level classes. ( :-p Villaume!) Now THAT was a few years ago!!!

I hate and love this time of year. Spring is fun. We start getting outside again. Flowers blooming. Wild onions growing. Bunnies hopping. Taxes looming. We've never been the type to rush and get our taxes done the day our W-2s come in. I hate facing the previous year's procrastinations. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it!

DD has her first T-ball practice tonight, if the rain will stop. Watching a bunch of 5 and 6 year-olds make their beginning attempts at baseball will be fun. I dread the inevitable injuries. I remember the black eyes I got as a catcher! (Not to mention the ones I got as a little sister! Yeah, Randy, I mean YOU!)

What's the deal w/ removing my extra spaces between sentences?

I hope you've noticed the picture I've put up. This is me and DD at Disney World earlier this month. We were waiting to eat breakfast with Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Pluto at the Animal Kingdom's Restaurantosaurus. The character meals are great. They make a part of the day that is necessary (eating) and possibly boring to kids much more fun and enjoyable. The Crystal Palace (in the Magic Kingdom) has character meals for all 3 meals. We had dinner there with Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger. Every 30 minutes or so, the kids get to have their own parade for Pooh and march around the restaurant. It was during one of those parades that I had my first experience with DD being too cool to wave at me. She gave me the hand and quickly looked away. That will be a video moment to treasure for years to come.

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