Sunday, March 26, 2006

Wake-up calls.

DH, DD and I went to Disney World (the Florida one). We stayed 'on-site', which I highly recommend! We stayed at the Pop Century Resort. A very fun hotel. Several (3?) swimming pools. Playground area for the kidd0s. Good food in the food court.

The rooms are just hotel rooms. Tv, beds, bathroom, telephone, table w/2 chairs, wall safe. But when you completely exhaust yourself walking MILES at the parks, all you want to do is sleep and bath and brush your teeth. And, trust me, you COMPLETELY EXHAUST YOURSELF!!!

Anyway, a cool thing about staying at one of the WDW hotels is the wake-up calls. Most of the time, anyway.

I had read on the internet about the wake-up calls. The recommendation is to set the alarm clock to wake up the adults and schedule a wake-up call for a time when the kiddos are already awake and let them answer the phone. Reason: Mickey Mouse or one of his friends are on the wake-up call. Cute, huh?

We arrived at WDW on Friday evening and very quickly set up our wake-up call for the next morning. I miscalculated DD's wake-up time. (Actually we slept in.) So, I answered the wake-up call and very quickly realized that we were at WDW during "ESPN the Weekend". Mickey Mouse wasn't on the phone. No cute characters were on the phone. There was some ESPN announcer on the phone. NOT AT ALL who I wanted to wake up my DD and get her magical WDW day started. (By the way, magical also means exhausting.)

This ESPN event occured at the MGM Studios park. But the ESPN guy on the wake-up calls was not WHY we came to WDW and NOT the voice we (I!) wanted to hear first thing in the morning.

Now, I love college football about as much as any other gal from the South. Heck, my id is AuburnGalAlways. There's a reason I chose that id.


This insanity ended on Monday. Thank goodness. And Stitch and Mickey Mouse woke us up the next 3 mornings. That was fun. DD loved it. So, of course, I loved it.

WDW was great. We completely enjoyed it. We spent too much money. We ate a lot. No, we ate too much. We took a lot of pictures and videos. We rode the same rides again and again. We ate with the characters and cowned around with them. We tried to make DD's dreams come true for a few days. We slept really hard.

And then I washed clothes for 7 days.

And now our credit card is due.

And life is magical at home too.

It was magical before we went. Dang! We could have saved a PILE of money!!!

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