Saturday, July 15, 2006

Pregnancy is not much fun this time around. To be frank, it's down-right miserable. I'll do a quick re-cap and leave out most of the gory details.

Lots of nausea.

Migraines are not banned by this pg, like with pg #1.

Fatigue is the standard. Fatigue is an inadequate word. Malaise is better... (Malaise is a generalized feeling of discomfort, illness, or lack of well-being that can be associated with a disease state. It can be accompanied by a sensation of exhaustion or inadequate energy to accomplish usual activities.)

Sciatica is not only for older, arthritic people. It is actually quite common during pregnancy. I have no medical training, other than being a Dr. Mom/Wife, but I suspect that the 1/3 of the female population that has a retroverted uterus are more likely to suffer sciatica during early pregnancy. It seems to be the case with me, anyway. This time isn't as bad as pg #1 (no crawling to the bathroom at night - YET); only a sharp pain occasionally in my left buttOCK.

Vomiting is not the worst thing about morning sickness. Sometimes the nausea is worse and vomiting is a relief - maybe only temporary, but still a relief.

Babies aren’t the only ones that need to be burped.

Bra size can change very quickly. woo-hoo!

A visit to the local ER for migraine relief medication is not a guaranteed quick fix. The ER staff has a knee-jerk reaction to anyone complaining with a migraine. They think you're a drug addict looking for a good fix. It helps that the triage nurse knows you from DD's t-ball team and the admitting clerk knows you from teaching her daughter's Bible school class. The admitting clerk came back to the waiting room to retrieve me through a back door to get me into a quiet dark room (not just a curtain area) and let me lie down. God bless her!!!

PG women with migraines who have already had chicken pox must be moved from their comfortable spot in the corner of the ER waiting room to a less comfy spot to be isolated from the lady with the chicken pox. Note to self: Next time, look at chicken pox gal through black-out eye mask and say "Get up and move yourself! I've puked all afternoon from pain. I can at least lean my rupturing head against the wall over here!" It apparently didn't impress the triage nurse that I mumbled from behind my black-out eye mask that I'd had chicken pox as a kid: "It's not worth the risk." DH just led me to another seat across the room. Bless him!

You CAN lie in bed so long that it hurts your back.

Watermelon is the sweetest nectar.

Five year-olds make pretty good nurses in a pinch. I hope I am stronger when school starts on 08-10.

DH is a wonderful dad and husband. I’ve realized this with great clarity at different times over the years. When his mother was dying, I was absolutely amazed at his strength and honor and dignity. I fell deeply in love with him during that time. Being pg #1 at the same time made me very, very protective of him too. Then when DD was born, I witnessed a transformation in him that I never anticipated. He went from being the big guy who could kill and clean a fish or a deer and was a super uncle and God-father to a huge puddle of Daddy-putty with Jell-O for a spine. He has stepped up to the plate in grand style over the past few weeks, making sure DD was fed and entertained and cleaned, cleaning and washing clothes (learning to bleach his socks and underwear back to white after our red quilt tinted them), calling in his aunt to help me clean when I do feel up to it, even taking the initiative to make an offer on a new mini-van for me.

My job is a real blessing. I’ve been training my replacement, and she is GREAT. My boss is great too: my dad ;-) I do not know how long I will be able to work, but I’ve got to maximize my efficiency when I am able to work.

Orange juice is vital to my existence in a while new way.

The peanut has finally allowed me to enjoy chocolate chip cookies and cold milk again. Thank you, Baby Peanut!

I have a few funny stories that I want to share. Right now I need to find something for DD and I to eat for lunch. DH is playing golf today. It’s his company’s 1st anniversary this month. They’re celebrating with a golf tournament at a Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail over in Huntsville, Al. He’s worked soooo hard. I’m very proud of him. He deserves a day of fun and celebration. Well, really more than one day, but it’s a start.

Thanks to everyone who has pitched in lately to take care of us.

Thanks for your prayers. They make a real difference.

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SouthernTransplant said...

Bless your heart! I hope you feel better soon. When is your next appointment? Do you expect to have another sonogram around 12 weeks? That's something fun to look forward to. Do hope you get relief soon!

Congratulations to Chad! Making it a full year is fantastic! The first year is always the hardest and it sounds like he has been hugely successful already. Don't forget to include yourself in that celebration. You worked hard to get them up and running and they really benefited from all your efforts. Hope you take time out for yourself too.