Monday, June 26, 2006

VBS is over.

As much as I enjoy VBS, I'm so relieved it's over this year. It was a lot of fun. But being early PG made it VERY, VERY DIFFICULT to make it through.

I helped teach 1st through 3rd graders. They're really fun at that age but are accustomed to sitting still (sorta) and being quiet (kinda) and pay attention (sometimes.)

The theme was Arctic Edge: Where Courage Meets Adventure! The decorations were all northwest/Arctic in style. I dreamed of making 3 totem poles for our classroom and managed to complete one. (That's being PG for ya! NO Energy!)

In case you're wondering, the top image on the totem pole is a bird, middle is a wolf/coyote/fox, bottom is a bear. The pole is 1/3 of a carpet roll, which I painted with tempura paint. The pointy pieces are florist styrofoam things covered in wrapping-tissue paper. The bear's snout is a Lil' Debbie Oatmeal cookie box cut in half and turned inside-out. The eyes are made from more florist styrofoam that I covered in tissue paper and put giant googly eyes on. The bird's wings are just a piece of cardboard painted and hot-glued on the back. I had problems attaching the bear's snout and finally resorted to just tying it on with some yarn (I could only find white, so it sticks out bad, but it worked!)

The kids got a kick out of it. It was the only totem pole at our church. Another church picked up some of our "disposable" decorations, maybe this is being used again and again. I hope so. Wish I'd put a message on there to email me when it's used or something. Oh, well.

Just thought I'd share my ONE creative effort for the year. It took all my creative juices. I'll have to muddle through the rest of the year without being crafty at all now! sigh ;-)

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