Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Why can't I sleep when DH is away?

I'm tired. I'm actually very sleepy. DD (aka the "big sleeping pill" b/c of her drowsiness influence when snuggling) is sleeping with me in Mommy's and Daddy's bed while DH is away. She's sleepy and has, uncharacteristically, fallen asleep while I'm still awake and doing something (tv on, reading, blogging, etc) one night this week. But it's not making me sleepy.

I'm NOT a morning person either. So my waking up before the alarm goes off is strange.

I can only blame it all on the "parasite that's eating my brain" (aka the tiny embryo inside me.)

I remember while pregnant w/DD that I had "pregnant brains".

pregnant brains - n. impaired thinking, reasoning abilities; impaired memory; inability to perform tasks which one would otherwise be capable. This condition occurs in the pregnant woman at different stages and can vary in severity and types within a single pregnancy and from one pregnancy to another.

But I think that my pregnant brains occured MUCH later that time. Heck, I'm only 6 weeks! (including those "magical" 2 weeks before conception occurred.) How can I be forgetting an entire phone conversation with DH???

And I've already had my fill with MS!!! I can't stand the thought of eating ice cream or drinking milk. The only dairy product that appeals to me at all is cheese. I ordered cheese enchiladas for lunch today, with cheese on top, extra cheese. Well, I enjoyed the CHICKEN enchiladas with a TINY bit of cheese on top of the red sauce a little bit - but not NEAR as much as I would have enjoyed my lunch if they had gotten my order right.

Strangely enough, orange juice is the most reliable MS cure for now. It surprised me that something that is acidic by nature would make my yucky tummy LESS yucky. Go figure. Not much about being pregnant makes sense.

Yesterday, I actually said that I was ready for this baby to be born! Yes, I realize I'm not patient at all. That's something everyone in my life already knows. This is an exercise in patience and release of control for me.

Me, the control freak, is out of control of her body for 9 months. Everyone run and hide!

I must be crazy for posting this picture. Very unflattering. I took this Tuesday, June 6, 2006. I'm 6 weeks = 4 weeks gestational age.

Do you want to puke now?

No, I don't tan. Well, if it comes out of a bottle, I'll tan. But the sun and I don't make good friends.

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