Sunday, June 04, 2006

Routine. Ritual. Habit. Rut.

There are things that we each do every single day. Things we don't think about. Things that are just simply part of our day's activities or preparations for activities.

Of course, I have something in particular in mind. I realize that not all blogs have a point. But, in general, most bloggers begin their posts with something that they want to say.

Well, today I have on my mind deodorant.


As I get dressed to do whatever chores await me at home or get ready to go somewhere, I apply my deodorant... "deo" as I put it on my shopping lists.

But there are days. Today, for example. My routine gets interrupted. And somehow that interruption seems to always occur at the time for me to put on my deo.

I can't answer the obvious question of "why do the interruptions occur at deo time?"

I CAN answer the other obvious question of "does the deo EVER make it to my pits?"






Sorry, another interruption.

Just kidding. No interruption then, I was just building the suspense level of this exciting post.

Yes, I do manage to get back to put on my deo. It might take a little while to get back to my routine. I do remember it at some point.

Today, for example... MS interrupted my dressing routine as I was preparing to go to church. (for MS see the post just before this one) I found some potato chips to try to settle the yucky tummy stuff. While letting the yucky tummy settled, I picked Trixie here (my new name for my laptop) and began to surf some. Time passed. Yucky tummy settled.

I'm now still sitting here with Trixie in my lap, realizing a few things...

1. DD would be a lot more comfortable and sweet in my lap than Trixie.
2. I would love a nap.
3. I forgot my deo.


I'm off to put on my deo; snuggle and nap with DD and DH; and put Trixie in time-out - she's had enough attention today.

Trixie is quite the attention hog.

Bad girl, Trixie.

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