Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Isn't my baby beautiful?????

What?!?!? You mean you don't see it?

It's just so obvious to me.

Gosh! Some people! You have to point out the nose on the baby's face!

Ok, here's some explanation of the picture and WHY I went for an ultrasound at 7 weeks...

Monday night I felt some pain in my left side. It was not in my pelvic area, but it still worried me enough to contact my ob. He said that if I needed to come to the ER during the night, he'd meet me there. If I made it through the night, I should just come to his office in the morning and get a "quick look" with the ultrasound.

I made it through the night very well, I suppose. I slept hard, so I guess that's good.

Tuesday morning I took DD to her summer preschool program and went to the ob's office. They had several pg patients scheduled for ultrasounds that morning, so I had to wait for them to "work me in."

I told the sonographer (is that really a word?) why I was there, and she winked at me and said to lay back and take a look and listen.

Hot jelly stuff squirted on my belly.

Sonogram thingy rubbing on my belly.

Watching the monitor.

The great blob of white stuff is my innards. She pointed out what was what. You don't need to know. (If you don't know female anatomy, then ask your parents!)

The little black pool appeared.

The little white smushed peanut appeared.

She reached over and turned a knob.

"thump-thump. thump-thump. thump-thump. thump-thump. thump-thump. thump-thump. thump-thump. thump-thump. thump-thump."

me: "That's a heartbeat." (duh, she's thinking)

Sonographer: "Yep."

me: "That's not me, is it?" (thinking: it sure is fast, if it is me, then I'm having an anxiety attack or heart attack!)

Sonographer: "No, that's your baby."

me: sniff sniff. Yes, I cried. I was worried that something was wrong.

She clicked at one end of the smushed peanut and drew a line to the other end and said, "you're right about your estimated due date. Feb 1, 2007. We're out of our normal paper, so I'm printing this on our good paper for you."

So I lay there in the warm, dark room with a sonographer who is pg and due July 11 and looks about 6 months along (grrrr). We discuss the very tall, very thin pg gal in there before me who came out saying she is having a boy and how she looks only as pg as *I do* and I'm 7 weeks! We shared evil plans of how we could hold her mouth open and force-feed her fettucine alfredo and movie extra buttery popcorn and Big Macs and make her LOOK pregnant.

I was sent to work without even seeing the doctor. Everything is fine for now, according to the ultrasound.

If I can make it through this long work week that is stacked up with nightly vacation Bible school, I will be soooo much better off next week.

DH offered to take me van shopping this weekend. I said, "maybe. I might just sleep all weekend. a van can wait for my sleep!" I don't know if the sound I heard from him was a snicker or a whimper. DH fears pg-me. ;-)

DD is still very excited and this only grew when I told her that I got to hear the baby's heartbeat and saw it. Her smile was ginormous. Then I handed her the picture.

"What is this, Mommy?"

me: "see the white stuff? that's my tummy stuff. see the little black pool, that's the place where the baby is. see the little smushed peanut? that's your baby!"

She almost cried. She's such a tender-hearted thing.

My feet are swelling. I'm burning up hot in this Alabama summer. The a/c is not adequate where I work. I want to sleep. I need to clean my house and wash clothes. And I really really REALLY want to sleep in tomorrow morning.

I have the most beautiful babies.

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