Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Please pardon the brief interruption of sanity. She's pregnant.

I was unbelievably irritable yesterday. It surprised even me. I had had a relatively good work-day. I rushed off to pick up DD from "school" and drop her off at Bible school. I then stopped by DH's office to waste a little time and rest. I was very aware of being tired and not feeling well.

The longer I sat there and listened to DH's partner drum his fingers and talk about not smoking, the grumpier I got. He kept saying he was going home. But he took his sweet time (45 minutes) to do it. He knew he was getting on my nerves when I turned out the light while he was talking. hehe

But he did not shut up. And he did NOT stop drumming his fingers.

Then DH's uncle who had helped out in the warehouse that day asked if I was tired.

"Yes, very."

uncle: "I know how you feel."

"No you don't." (did I really say that? this is my favorite uncle. I should laugh it off.) No laughter. A smile is all I can manage. It's not even a sincere smile, more of a 'I dare you' smirk.

uncle: laughs, nervously. "ok" (did he whimper?)

The terror continued for a while. They all know I'm a world-class grouch when I'm pregnant.

If they didn't before, they certainly do now!


I'm SOO ready for this to move on to the fat and happy phase. This indigestion, belchy, nauseous phase is the pits! I really wish I could just puke!

I know you didn't want to know all that. I just needed to vent.

Oh, yeah. I'm constipated too. NOW I've given too much information!

My gripe is complete. Thank you very much.

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