Friday, October 05, 2007

Haiku Friday 2

Haiku Friday two
My mom is sick, I worry
Praying fervent prayers.

Prayers, one syllable.
Trust me, I said it. Pray-ers.
Prayers, yes. Pray-ers, no.

Auburn Beat Gators
Meyers can't beat my Tigers


Anonymous said...

Moms are there for you
In sickness and health always
Mom loves you dearly..


Super B's Mom said...

Your mom will remain in my prayers. I hope things improve quickly. God IS in control.

By the way, I've tried emailing you back but I don't think it's going through.

Cher said...

Just found your blog! Am 43 miles from Auburn WAR EAGLE BABY! LOL.. got my hubs an Auburn Fossil watch yesterday for his birthday (Class of 86 :D)