Monday, October 08, 2007

milestone miscellany

Stinkerbell's bottom 2 front teeth have been loose for a couple of months now without any real progress in bringing the Tooth Fairy over for a visit. Thursday, during her soccer game, she ran over from the center field line, where she was playing defense, and said...

Mommy, my tooth!

Yes, I know your tooth is loose. It's been loose. It'll be loose for a while still. You and your tooth will be fine. Now get back out there and play some defense!

No, Mommy. I have a new tooth!

No, you don't. Your new teeth are waiting for your baby teeth to come out first.

No, Mommy. wook in heuh, shee? my uhher tooh is alrea-ee roo.

Well, crap. It is. Your dentist is closed tomorrow, it will wait till next week. Go play defense! Be aggressive!

So this morning, I picked her up from school about 30 minutes after she got there and took her to the dentist. She picked out the purple, grape-scented mouthpiece for the "dreamy medicine." She got a little silly, but not out of control. They pulled her baby tooth and considered pulling another one (one that isn't already loose but might be in the way of the adult one.) We left it, hoping the adult tooth will not crowd it too much.

I didn't take her back to school, because it took so long for her to go to The Mighty Hunter's office and show it off to everyone there. When we returned home to eat a lunch of over-cooked Easy Mac, she told me she wanted to go to bed after lunch.

Do you feel bad, baby? Is your gum hurting?

No. I just want to go on to bed so the Tooth Fairy can hurry up and come see me.

Well, you'll just have to wait till tomorrow morning. The Tooth Fairy only flies at night, and we're getting our hair cut this afternoon.

dog-gone it.

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