Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas bullets...

... you know... as in "jingle bells, shotgun shells..."

  • The bottom burner on my oven decided it was time to retire just before its call to active duty for all the requisite Christmas baking.
  • The replacement of said bottom burner was accomplished by The Mighty Father-in-law and The Mighty Brother-in-law (that hurt to say, since he's a weenie and all.)
  • The Mighty Hunter was unavailable for the repair since he was feeding the homeless hunting.
  • No one was electrocuted during the repair. But their was a loud POP! and a flash of FIRE! and a mumbled "maybe we should turn off the power before we unhook it."
  • The Mighty Hunter fancies himself a Mighty Turkey Roaster and volunteered to cook the turkey for - not one - TWO family meals.
  • Cooking the first turkey set off the smoke alarm.
  • The smoke alarm is connected to the security system.
  • The monitoring company called and tried to hide their laughter when I explained that the smoke alarm was going off because we were cooking a turkey.
  • It is the design of the recipe that their is an excessive amount of smoke produced.
  • It was the moistest, yummiest, juicies, deliciousest turkey I've ever eaten. (All hail, Alton Brown!)
  • Stinkerbell nearly cried over the thought that the weather might be too good and the sky too clear for Rudolph to fly with Santa.
  • Santa's regular stop-over to see if she was in bed relieved her fears, since Rudolph was outside with her.
  • She nearly cried over getting to see the "REAL RUDOLPH."
  • Rudolph left her an autographed picture and she was stunned and treasures it more than any of the other toys that cost infinitely more than my attempts at photo editing.
  • Lucky thought TMX Elmo was a little scary and yelled at him from across the room.
  • I got some new cookware (the 7pc and 5pc sets.)
  • I got a new bluetooth.
  • I got an extra lens for my new camera.
  • We spent lots of time with The Mighty Father-in-law's finacee, which was not the first, but was still fun. (This was her first time to see Lucky - period. Yes, I'm bitter about that. Yes, I'll get over it.)
  • During my preparations for the traditional clog-your-arteries-eat-yourself-sick Christmas morning breakfast, my microwave died.
  • I loved that microwave. It could cook AND run its timer at the same time.
  • It rained Christmas Day. A lot. We needed it.
  • My roof over my kitchen counter leaked all over Stinkerbell's gingerbread men cookies.
  • Stinkerbell never saw the drowned gingerbread men and hasn't noticed their disappearance - yet.
  • I'm just now seeing that I've received comments on some of my posts from this month.
  • I did NOT get these posts via email. I'm feeling loved again. I'm not invisible.
  • I drank sweet tea at lunch - two glasses - and can't sleep. Apparently I can't type either since I'm hitting the Backspace button more than any other key on the old 'puter.
  • My mom HAD recovered from her pneumonia and partially collapsed lungs only to get sick again last week.
  • She saw her pulmonologist today, pneumonia is back again. She's having a bronchoscopy next Wednesday to determine if there are any blocked passages and possibly get a sample of the pneumonia for identification/culture.
  • Lucky turned 11 months on Christmas Day.
  • He cut his first top tooth last week. It's his left-hand Lateral Incisor.
  • I need sleep in a BAD WAY. And this isn't helping.

In closing, here's the way I see Lucky many times each day. (I haven't rotated the picture.)

I hope your 2007 was full of the blessings of our Lord. I pray that 2008 holds even greater joys for you and your families.

May the best of '07 be the worst of '08.

God bless y'all!


Love Bears All Things said...

Despite all the challenges, I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas. Count the blessings not the catastropes!
Mama Bear

Nadine said...

You have a great attitude about all your troubles. You have a cute baby. Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the struggles. As long as you trust god in all you do you should have the strength to get through all troubles. You baby is ADORABLE!!!!!

Love always & God Bless,