Saturday, December 29, 2007

Crying out for help here

To all (3) of you who have felt pity for me googled "slumber parties" or "ginormous cheap bunnies" stopped by to visit...

Stinkerbell will be turning 7 soon. (TOO soon!!! The heart, it is breaking.) I have talked her down from a Build-A-(very over-priced)Bear party, which would include driving 6 kids to a mall that is, at a MINIMUM, 1 hour from home and chasing them around the mall and store to build a bear. The website claims that a party can be had for as little as $10/kid.

Tempting, huh?

Don't be fooled.

The $10/kid gets them one animal, apparently there are cheap animals and not-cheap animals available from which to choose. This is the cheapest. And, certainly you know that the whole Build-A-Bear experience is all about the accessories and sounds and extras and investment.

So, guess what you get to go with your cheapest bear for $10/kid?

See that space right up there? That's your answer.


Well, I suppose, not nada. You probably get one of those ginormous boxes that I feel certain would simply become a home to dust bunnies, because it could NEVER be thrown away.

gasp! It was the box that once held an over-priced, under-accessorized bear from a very stressful 7th birthday party! The horror!!!

Now, naturally, you can pay more than $10 per kid. But seriously. Do you think that other people's kids are worth more than $10? Be honest. My kid is worth a pile of cash to me. But her BFF's? $10 is probably my max.

kidding!!! (obviously kidding! Since I took 3 of her friends to Libby Lu last year!)

So, I have convinced her that a slumber party is PERFECT for her 7th birthday.

(Hold your applause till the end, please.)

(And when I say "the end," I mean till AFTER the party has successfully proven my insanity and they have carried me away in the newest look in white canvas jackets. You know, the ones with all the oddly placed buckles?)

(But won't the medication be fun?)


Slumber party...

But not just any slumber party. noooo. This will be a Rock Star/Spa Slumber Party, complete with a chauffer (me), a limousine (the Pimped-Out Mamamobile), fine dining (local restaurant that has a dance floor), red carpet (well, carpet, anyway), stylists (Bev and Mama Peg and me), private screening of the greatest kids movie (HSM2) and the finest in spa hotel linens (sleeping bags).

There'll do facials (lotions and cucumbers). Manicures. Hair-styles. And lots of junk food.

How did you ever guess that I have a habit of over-planning?

Here's the thing...

I need help with the invitation wording.

We would like for the girls to arrive dressed in their "fanciest Rock Star" clothes, (Here's a valid question: Shouldn't we dress like that everyday?) bring a sleeping bag and pillow and any makeover stuff they already have. (We've had pinkeye in our house this month, and I don't think sharing makeup and facial products and swollen, gooey, matted-closed eyes are a good idea.)

Oh, and the phrasing should be rhyming and funny and, above all, cool.

Come to Stinkerbell's Rock Star/Spa/Sleepover Party on Saturday, January 26. We will leave for dinner at Archie's at 5:30pm. We will return home to begin the Spa Treatments (bring your own cootie-infested makeup and facial stuff.) We will then watch High School Musical 2 and sing and dance and eat junk food till someone pukes (keep your cell phone ringers ON so that you can be summoned to retrieve your sick kid.) When total physical exhaustion sets in, the Rock Stars will collapse, in accurate Rock Star fashion, in the living room floor (send a sleeping bag and pillow and whatever lovey they need to sleep the night through) (again, keep your cell phone CHARGED and ON so that I can summon you to retrieve your weeping, homesick Rock Star.) When the evil sunlight awakens the Rock Stars, I will pump them full of sugar and caffeine so that you can retrieve them at 9:30 am. At 10 am, I will tie them to the fence posts at the road and let them find a ride home, much like one-hit-wonders do - with their thumbs in the air.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...
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Dr. Pepper said...

Thanx for the info on Build-A-Bear. I was gonna say something to my little cousin about that for her birthday, but I don't think her mom would be to happy with me.

jennifer said...

I like your invitation!

And I completely agree that other people's kids are worth no more than $10 *snicker, snicker*!