Sunday, December 30, 2007

2008, here we come

I don't have any grand plans for next year. I think that I succeeded in meeting my resolutions for 2007.

This time, I think I'll, again, set reasonable goals. I also realize there is definite room for improvement in my life in many areas.

So, with that in mind, I'm giving a mixed bag of goals and resolutions for 2008.

  • I resolve to eat gooey, underbaked chocolate chip cookies and drink lots of cold milk. (Who am I to buck a trend?)
  • I resolve to be a better friend and daughter and wife and mother.
  • I resolve to be more honest, tender, caring, firm and loving with those that mean the most to me.
  • I resolve to read more books and less blogs. (Sorry! Although I love my blog addiction, it doesn't not advance my goals of being able to stay awake with a book or reading in places other than the bathroom.)
  • I resolve to exercise, at least a little bit.
  • I resolve to take more pictures of my family. (The Mighty Hunter's Christmas gift will promote this!)
  • I resolve to swear less.
  • I resolve to sing more.
  • I resolve to find my laughter again.
  • I resolve to live more deliberately and courageously.
  • I resolve to not have a baby this year.
  • I resolve to throw two ROCKING birthday parties within mere hours of each other.
  • I resolve to make more phone calls and email/IM less.
  • I resolve to procrastinate a little less, but I don't know just when I'll start.
  • I resolve to simplify my labels for my posts.
  • I resolve to irritate anyone who has forgotten to unsubscribe me from their Google Reader with my new post labels.
  • I resolve to take my meds on schedule. (This crying without notice truly sucks for everyone around.)
  • I resolve to kiss my babies cheeks, nibble their toes, caress their skin and snuggle their heads under my neck.
  • I resolve to nap whenever possible.
  • I resolve to shave my legs as often as possible for a mom with a (almost) 1 year-old.
  • I resolve to rub my smooth, shaven legs against The Mighty Hunter's.
  • I resolve to continue to support Amy, my beautician, through my dependence on her mad skillz with the scissors and dye. (I cover my natural platinum blonde. It's NOT gray! Shut up, you'll make me cry.)
  • I resolve to paint my toe nails from time to time.
  • I resolve to try to keep a cleaner house.
  • I resolve to use my new cookware and love it everytime my eggs don't stick.
  • I resolve to teach Stinkerbell to cook. (You should try her "Famous Baked Potatoes" and "Famous Mashed Potatoes!")
  • I resolve to finish this list... now.
  • I resolve to encourage Stinkerbell to work hard in school and sports and her other interests and not make the minimal effort that still produces great results.
  • I resolve to finish this list... right now. I promise.

If you're still here, thank you. Also, get a life.


But, if you're still here now, I wish you a wonderful 2008. I pray that in whatever it holds for you and your families, you will find joy and grace and beauty somewhere in every day the Lord gives you. I hope you will enjoy His love for you. I thank you for your friendship. I love you for your prayers. I look forward to reading and sharing with each of you.

God bless you all.

or rather...

God bless y'all.


Faith said...

hehe....just found your blog....your list is extremely funny.....i can totally relate to your sense of humor. And since it is 2:30 am and I have a 2 year old who does not let me get much sleep, I'm going to go away now. But just to warn you, i'm adding you to my bloglines...haha. =) Also, just to let you know, I think your labels are very funny and I'm not just saying that so you won't flood my bloglines. *smiles* Happy new year.

Love Bears All Things said...

I love your list of resolutions.
Our team won its bowl game last night. War Eagle!
And Happy 2008 to you, too.
Mama Bear

~JJ! said...

Happy 2008.

Good list.

Number 1 is the one I'll do too.

Faith said...

LOL....I don't remember now how I found you (which is really irritating I know, but it WAS like really early in the morning and I'm blaming THAT for why my memory is lacking...LOL) but I THINK I found you through a comment you left on someone else's post (although I don't remember whose) and I DO remember clicking on your name because a woman from our church moved to alabama several years ago and lost touch with us, and she was always an auburn fan (being from there originally) so I thought I'd see who you were and your sense of humor grabbed me. LOL. That was a very LONG sentence. Sorry. *grin*

Irene said...

Hi! Love your list! I especially love the "I resolve not to have a baby". I don't think I have ever actually seen that as a resolution before! Too funny.

I also agree, I need to blog read less and book read more. I love to read, but the computer sucks me in so much more than little book. I need to be strong - resist!!!