Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It's sad how excited I am over this. It really is...

Background info:

Stinkerbell missed 2 of the last 3 days of school before Christmas break because of PINK EYE. Lucky woke up Friday after Christmas with PINK EYE. The Mighty Hunter and I are simply waiting until we wake up with eyes caked together with eye-boogers too. I feel it's inevitable. I'm an optimist, that way.

Planning a Rock Star/Spa/Sleepover party with a bunch of girls later this month might pose the threat of spreading PINK EYE to others. You know with the excessive use of eye shadow and heavy duty sharing that little girls do.

I have put a lot of thought - a good 3 minutes or so - into how to prevent the sharing of eye cooties. I even mentioned to one of the moms whose daughter is invited that they should send their own makeup.

Then, tonight, an emergency run to W-M was made.

We were out of some necessities that are crucial to our very survival.

This too.

Also, some cheddar cheese. Because, we have to have it!

As we wandered through the clearance aisle of Christmas clutter gifts, I saw some things that just might alleviate my concerns over the sharing and spreading of eye-boogers.

Now, my excitement began as I saw the little things of fingernail stickers with emery boards.

And the 50% off sign? Well, let's just say that my pulse quickened over saving $1.44 each on 5! fingernail kits.

Then, just past the Slutz Bratz makeup kits (originally $9ish), I spied smaller, non-Bratz makeup kits.

Let's just say that I was glad I'd seen a local doctor in the building JUST IN CASE I needed CPR over saving another $1.44 each.

This post might be complete any other day.

But this was not any other day.

This was MY LUCKY DAY.

Oh, yeah.


When I scanned at the self-checkout (and don't you just LOVE self-checkouts?) the lovely little fingernail kits and makeup kits...

$.72 each.

Oh, yeah, baby.
75% off!

I got makeup and fingernail stickers for EACH KID for $1.44.


This may be the only positive thing about having a birthday so soon after Christmas is being able to buy gifts at HUGE savings.

Don't judge the camera by the crappy photographer.


Melizzard said...

Sweet! I totally want to come to your makeup pajama party!!!

LBC Box Maze Team said...

Gotta love Walmart after Christmas clearance!

Faith said...

LOL...i don't blame you for being excited...that's pretty sweet!!! I also like to stock up after halloween on wigs and etc for the kids to play dress up with....gotta love those cheap prices. Oh yeah and one thing I love about my hubby's birthday being about 2 weeks after christmas.....whatever I've ordered online for his christmas....if it doesn't make it in time for christmas (and inevitably, at least ONE thing always will be late)? I just wrap it up for his birthday. HA. Poor guy. =0)

jennifer said...

I hope you got one for me! I'm coming to that birthday party :0)!

moosh in indy. said...

And I just realized why it blows so bad to have a kid with a birthday 11 days before Christmas.

Venus Rash said...

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