Saturday, January 12, 2008

Father, forgive me for I have sinned

I'm Baptist. So, nevermind the obvious reference...

However, I have sinned.

Horrible. Horrible. Unforgiveable sin.

I cooked last night. That wasn't it, though.

It was hamburger hobos. That wasn't it, either.

It wasn't done early enough for us to eat it for supper though. Nope.

We ate Pizza Hut. Stay with me.

There was plenty of pizza left over also.....

It all went in the fridge for the night.......

I had a hobo for lunch today......

The Mighty Hunter dipped himself a plate-full for lunch also......

smells good.

thanks. mine was good. I put jalapenos in yours. Maybe it'll be good.

One bite into his mouth and he freezes. Not chewing.

what is it?

a hair.

His plate goes into the garbage. So much for that.

So, here's what I want to know. What do you do when you find a hair in your food? At a restaurant, it's an easy thing to answer. But at home, when it's your own hair?

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Faith said...

HEH. Well, I have actually continued eating AFTER finding a single hair at a restaurant (all the while tellin myself it was probably mine...never mind that I don't have blond hair...hey, i was REALLY hungry! hehehe), but at home? If it's something I cooked from scratch, and I know it's my hair? Pull it out and keep going. I know I'm clean. LOL. Now I do draw the line at the time I found a huge dead FLY in my food. No more eating after THAT.