Tuesday, January 22, 2008

what should I do?

I'm worried. Surprised? Then you're new here.

I'm worried that 2 of the 4 girls Stinkerbell has invited to her Rock Star/Spa/Sleepover/Makeover party will not be able to attend. Now, while this is not in itself a tragedy, it will make for the quantity that kills parties - THREE.

Three girls = one girl left out = hurt feelings.

new math, don't you love it?

Here's where I don't know what to do... Should I call the parents of those little girls and beg for their permission to let their beloved princess to sleep over at our house. A house which they've never visited. They don't know us well.

To tell the truth, I don't think I'd let Stinkerbell sleep over at their house. I'm pretty particular about where I let my baby sleep. Sure, she has stayed overnight with friends before - but only with the 2 girls I KNOW will be attending.

I can't blame them. Yet, I think they should trust us and let their little twerp come to her party.

She's special, dangit!

So, do I call them and put them on the spot and/or offer alternatives like them staying during the party and taking their child home for the night?

If I get the "I'm sorry" response, do I invite another girl in their place(s)?

Or do I take my chances with there just being THREE at the party?

I'm waiting...... You're so much wiser than I.


Super B's Mom said...

You know...Mommy does make FOUR. And you are wicked cool, so the girls could take turns having you on their side. :)

Love Bears All Things said...

I think 3 girls will be fine. I seem to remember that my daughter had a sleepover with only 3.
And I have two friends here in Memphis that I spend time with.
It should work out fine as long as they all get along and enjoy being together.
Mama Bear