Saturday, January 12, 2008

look out world! / say a prayer

Tonight, Beverly and I will be celebrating our birthdays with a few friends. We are having a girl's night at her house.

Complete with strawberry daiquiris (how the heck do you spell that word?) and possibly appletinis and girl movies and chocolate chip cookies and creme puffs and chocolate covered creme puffs and other foods that require little to no cooking and minimal cleaning and chic flicks and laughs at our men and no kids and no men!

Did I mention the no kids?

Also, no men?

Can you say a lot of giggles and goofiness? Especially from the mom of an almost-one-year-old who never gets out and hasn't been away from kids longer than the 3-4 hours while she had a d&c back in FEBRUARY (yes, 2007).

Stinkerbell, upon finding out I was going without her, expressed that I should want to be with her all the time if I love her.

um, yeah.

I did mumble something about loving to be with her more AFTER I've been alone.


It's ridiculous how excited I am. also, nervous. Have I mentioned that I have a mild degree of social anxiety?

Hey! Guess what I'm not a mom tonight!


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