Monday, January 21, 2008

gratitude and Stinkerbell's slip of the tongue

Today I was accused of screwing around. I wish!

I had to have some things checked on the Pimped Out Mamamobile. There was a rattle in the middle of my windshield that sounded like a fart. A long, never-ending fart. I had taken all I could of it too. So, I made the trek to the dealership and begged for a loaner so that I could find some goodies for Stinkerbell's room.

Also screw around some. But the good kind, without worrying about ruining my resolutions (particularly the one about a baby), the kind that involved eating cheddar biscuits at Red Lobster and shopping the sale racks at Baby Gap and Hobby Lobby.

The other kind of screwing around will have to wait until the cramp-o-rama and flood ends. (I'll leave this for another post. It will begin with a disclaimer and the words "READ WITH EXTREME CAUTION. ALSO A BARF BAG".)

It's too late for me to share your birthday comments with Stinkerbell. She's already in bed. And if the lack of the annoying, dry, hacking, asthmatic cough indicates anything, she's already asleep. But, tomorrow afternoon, I may let her guest post and say thank you for herself. For now, let my own "THANK YOU" suffice. Y'all will make her day.

Tonight, I decided that simply using her inhaler would not quiet Stinkerbell's annoying,dry, hacking, asthmatic cough. I opened a new bottle of whiskey Mucinex and entered her room.

sit up and drink your medicine.

what kind is it?

cough medicine.

what kind is it?

cough medicine.

but what kind is it?


oh shit.

(don't laugh. don't smile. don't look at her. just be the mommy.) what did you say?

oh shoot.

no, you didn't. what did you really say?

I thought I said "oh shoot".

what did you really say?

oh shit. I'msorrymommyIwon'tsayitagainI'msorryreallyreallysorry.

don't say it again. (don't laugh yet. walk out of the room and then you can laugh.)

I guess now that she's SEVEN and all, she can say what her parents say whatever she wants.


Laura McIntyre said...

Guess its even to laugh when its not your child, hope it does't happen again

~JJ! said...

Ha! That's funny.