Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Random and Insane Observation/Question

Has anyone else noticed that every single football game that is broadcast (regardless of network) lasts longer than the time allotted? Tonight's game of WVU and OU was scheduled to end by 11pm, but there was still more than 2 minutes on the game clock at 11?

This has been happening for a few years.

Monday night, my Auburn Tigers played Clemson. It was broadcast by ESPN (DirecTV channel 206). At least it was scheduled to be on 206. Because the game that was already playing on 206 was unfinished, the AU game played on ESPN2. Then, suddenly, without notice (if they said something about switching channels, we weren't listening) we were suddenly watching GOLF on 209.

I looked at The Mighty Hunter, who is notorious for flipping channels in the middle of shows even if HE is watching it, "why are we watching GOLF?"

I don't know.

Turn it back to the game.

I didn't turn it. I PROMISE.

Look at the guide. (thinking he's a dope and had really turned the channel without realizing it.)

It's on 206 now! What's the matter with these people? They changed channels without telling us! How dare they?

The WVU and OU game is over and lemmetellya. The big guy with the Mohawk on WVU's team crying over the victory? Adorable.

And I don't even like Mohawks.

I love that the victory was so solid after Rodriguez left them before the game. Good job boys.

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Love Bears All Things said...

We were watching ESPN and they told us it was switching so we were all right. Great game, by the way.
Mama Bear