Wednesday, January 09, 2008

birthday celebration?

You may recall yesterday was my birthday. For my birthday, I always request a dinner out at a restaurant of my choice. The only restriction this year (because it was a school night) was that I had to choose a place here in our town.

Oh, the selection overwhelmed me.

My current favorite places are Wingstop and Santa Fe. I know. You're impressed with my up-classiness. I'm used to that reaction.

I chose Wingstop for its garlic parmesan boneless wings and BEST IN THE WORLD french fries.

It was its normal deliciousness. My parents, Carl and Bev joined us. We ate till we were too full to walk to the car. So we rolled.

Stinkerbell requested ice cream for my "cake." So, McD's got a drive-thru visit, but they had their machine disassembled for cleaning. So, Sonic won our money.

After arriving home, Lucky wanted a popsicle. My mother had the pleasure of turning his mouth purple. A lovely sight, by the way.

We were almost ready for bed, I was ironing a shirt for The Mighty Hunter.

"MOMMY, I need some help."

I grabbed the hand-towel and ran to find Lucky had just vomited a little bit. I arrived just in time to put a bigger towel (from the clean clothes basket at the foot of the bed) in front of him to try to catch the fountain of puke. He recovered quickly and went to sleep for the night without much fuss or struggle or whining for a bottle.

About 3 am, I am aware of Stinkerbell walking quickly into our room to our bedroom. The cat-like mommy reflexes that sense a sick child bolted me out of the bed. It was her turn to be the puke fountain.

She was pitiful but so brave.

They are both better today. But The Mighty Hunter and I and my mother are waiting our turn to puke our guts up.

Happy Barf-day to me too.


Laura McIntyre said...

Happy Belated Birthday, hope the sickies have left your house now

sharon said...

eew. Was it the chicken?