Thursday, January 17, 2008

Prepare to be amaaaaaazed

I have managed to go to the mall lately. I even got to go into one store completely alone.

I'm still a little giddy and drunk off it all.

And, did you know that some of the stores have hyuuuuge sales this month? My brother is a seriously skilled sales sniffer-outer and has been tempting me to join him at the mall for some bargain-hunting.

Now, before you go thinking he's a cheap, off-the-rack version of Carson Kressley, don't. He's just cheap. Straight and cheap. Straight, cheap and bald. Also, short. Crap, he's got 4 kids to feed and clothe and pay private school tuition.

What? He doesn't have to pay for private school? He lives in a town with some great public schools? You must have him confused with someone who makes decisions using something like "facts" and "rational thinking" and "information." I'll have you know that they are learning LATIN in their schmancy little school that chooses to pay their teachers a volunteer's salary instead of providing staff to prepare lunch or snacks or turn on the air conditioning. These students will actually be able to converse with the Latin-American immigrants. duh

ahem. stepping off my soap-box, now. thankyouverymuch.

I want to record my Serious Bargain Purchases for a time in the future when I need encouragement and wonder what I used to do with all my "free time" when Lucky was a baby and Stinkerbell was between sports and not competing in American Idol and I wasn't running my own IT empire. (Other bloggers would say they're posting the following pics for their "readers" and so they can alert their "readers" to the deals that waiting to be had. Not me, I'm lucky to get a single comment.)

I am fully aware how ridiculously sad it is that I had a serious adrenaline rush over what I'm about to describe. I'm talking "amped up" and blabbing 90mph.

So, here I go...

a cute Elmo shirt for Lucky

several shirts for Lucky (from Wal-Mart and JC Penney - shirts that will be decorated with drool, snot and puke must be as cheap as possible.)

Sweaters for me - cuz I deserve to spend $22 on myself every once in a while.
Sweaters for Lucky and Stinkerbell from The Children's Place
cozy pjs for Lucky
I marked off some items off my party shopping list too.
Yet another steal for the party guests.
(Yes, that says I paid 10% of the original price. I have scored lots of makeup for the girls for less than $5 EACH! I totally ROCK!)

The biggest steal of all... For us in the South, we don't really need to "plan ahead" and purchase big winter coats in October. It doesn't even really get cold enough for more than a heavy jacket until late December. So, I timed it just right for Stinkerbell's coat. It is roomy enough for her to wear again next year (unless she develops a pituitary tumor). It has a zip-out liner that is reversible and has zip-off sleeves. The hood is removeable (removable?) and is trimmed with honest-to-goodness, authentic, real, live purple unicorn fur.
Full price? $79.99
MINE for $11.98
My JC Penney receipt tells me how much I've saved from the original prices. My total savings on the stuff from JCP = $375!!!
This concludes the end of my bragging. I now need to wash my face and get some sleep.


Love Bears All Things said...

I for one, enjoyed your shopping bargains. I had a few myself in January. It amazes me how much things are marked up in the beginning in order to be marked down to 70% off. You know they still made a profit. I try to never pay regular price for anything except food, gas, and of couse drugs.
Mama Bear

Sharon said...

Good job with the bargain buying! I love Clearance sales.

Laura McIntyre said...

Yah for bargings and you got some great ones