Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday (laundry baskets)

I have never claimed to be the best a good housekeeper. I live by the addage "clean enough to be healthy, dirty enough to be fun." Nevertheless, there are certain places in my home where some small amount of cleaning OCD comes into play.

The lids to all my plasticware bowls are all lined up (not in any particular order) and easily identified and found.

My pans are neatly arranged in side my cabinet. (Unless Lucky has played there again, leaving behind a gift of tennis balls in a pan.)

My canned goods used to be neatly organized. But then the battery on the cordless drill died and we can't find the charger and the chore of baby-proofing the cabinets died with the battery.

One area of my house that is pretty easily maintained is Stinkerbell's shoes in her closet.

Assuming she actually carries them to her closet, all she has to do is toss them into a hard plastic laundry basket. All she has to do is open her closet and both halves of a pair of shoes are inside the basket.

It's not all neat and pretty and "organizey", but it works for me.

Wanna know what works for others? Go.


Country Mommie said...

War Eagle! I'm a Grad of '02, myself! :) That picture in your header makes me sooo Auburn-sick. It's been a while since I've visited. I'll def have to visit again soon! I'm craving a Niffer burger and some Mexicali dip!

Gina said...

I use laundry baskets for lots of stuff, but little kids' shoes are a great idea! I'll take it from you even if you are an Auburn fan! Roll Tide Roll!