Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Changes, they are a-comin'

Well, for a few weeks now The Mighty Hunter and I have been talking about what we're going to do if the economy doesn't improve.

I can't come up with anything interesting or witty here. Blame the stress and insomina. Or just bite me. I don't care...

So, since the economy isn't improving - and likely won't until the government pulls some oil refineries out of its arse and gets OPEC's death-grip loosened from around our necks - we're working on Plan B.

Plan A - I continue as SAHM and "consult" my infinite IT skills for our business until such time as Lucky starts school or we win the lottery for which we never buy tickets.

Plan B - I brush off write a resume and find a J.O.B. Lucky goes to daycare since we don't have family close enough or healthy enough to care for him daily. Stinkerbell goes to after-school care at either her school or at the same day-care as Lucky.

Here's what I'm wondering. How does one go about getting a job within the school district Stinkerbell attends a mere 34 days before school starts? How disgustingly sad and depressing would it be for me to pull the few strings I have to pull to meet with the superintendent and present my resume, detailing my experience in IT administration, business management, supervising, bookkeeping skills AND! my College! Degree! so that I can beg for ANY job just to be close to my children and have their same schedule?

"Why, no, Mr Superintendent, I don't have any teaching experience or a degree in which I could quickly gain my teacher's certificate. What difference would that make? Can I just dust the trophy case? Can I clean the toilets? I've dreamed my whole life of wearing a hair net!" (batting my loverly blue eyes, hoping it will work on school superintendents better than police officers)

So, I am awake at 1:30 A! friggin' M! and am beginning to get HUNGRY! and would love to be able to wear some of the work clothes I already own should I actually get my butt out and get a job interview so I now have to try to get to sleep (not!) on an empty stomach. And I'm fretting over what I'm going to do.

I've tried very hard to hold it together and not cry over this.

I never thought I would NOT go back to work at some point. I just hoped that it would be after Lucky started school or preschool or college. I just hoped that I could continue to be the one to pick my children up at the school and not put them on a bus. I just hoped that I wouldn't feel torn between staying home with a sick child and going to work. I just hoped that I wouldn't have to make this decision right now.

Does anyone know of a great business to run from my home that requires no investment and provides an actual, reliable income? 'Cuz I'm game.

I have contacted (via email, which is totally acceptable practice with this organization) my purchasing agent at the government contractor to which I sold engine parts before I left work (Nov 2006). I'm hoping I can finagle (how do you spell that word? I've said it for years but never written it or seen it anywhere!) an arrangement where I can fill orders for the same parts I did in the past. I still have my contacts and feel sure that I can negotiate good pricing, etc.

Wouldn't that be a dream?

doing the math now... SWEET!!!

So, other than needing a defibrilator when you fill up your car with gas, which is a major fire hazard, how is the economy affecting your family?


Melizzard said...

That's always a tough decision to make. Is the school district where you live large enough that you could work as a substitute and know that you'd be called on regularly?

One totally downer thing to point out to you though about the work from home thing... you still need daycare. I've been a WAHM well since my kids were born and there is just no way to do it right and have kids around for an extended period of time.

Hope you think of something soon.

Super B's Mom said...

I am feeling you girl. Those troubles you fear are the same ones I feel when I leave for work everyday. That is why I am DESPERATELY looking for a way to stay home. So we're kind of on the opposite ends of the work spectrum.

Hey...you want my job? :P

All kidding aside - you should really do the math before you decide to go back to work. Right now, it is COSTING me half of my paycheck just to work. You really have to factor that in. The only reason I stay where I am is because in one more year I am vested in the retirement system.

I have really been praying that God will open the door for me to start my own business. HOW IRONIC is it that you are at that place too?

Hmmmm...we SERIOUSLY need to get together.

Anonymous said...

Move to Bham. My boss is looking for someone to job-share with me! Then you could just do MDO w/ Lucky and still net enough to buy your groceries and pay your electric bill!

Michelle said...

I'm not sure where you live, and I of course don't know how much extra money you need, but if you subsitute taught a couple of days a week (here in ATL the pay is $80 a day) that might help. My mother has gotten into this company called Thirty One Gifts. It is a faith based company that sells AFFORDABLE monogrammed items. Everytime we do a show it is $1000 plus in items which means $250 for her!! There is always "in-home" childcare...make money but still be at home... I know this is really really hard for you. It was for me when I went back to school full time, but go to God in EARNEST prayer. Take a deep breath, it will all work out!