Monday, May 22, 2006

Lollygag: verb. To spend time idly. To dawdle. Lollygagging, lollygagged, lollygags.

Lollygagger: noun. One who lollygags.

When DD was almost 2 years old, I was getting her and myself ready for her uncle’s graduate school graduation. I had bathed her and myself. I had her hair dry and had just finished drying mine. I was working on my make-up and trying to keep her entertained and clean. Neither of us was dressed yet. (A long-time strategy of mine: keep her clothes off until we’re ready to leave and they will be less likely to get dirty and wrinkled up to “high heaven.”)

DH was working on his computer. You see, DH is a pivotal decision-maker in the football recruiting for Auburn University.

Well, it’s been a while since HIS particular opinion and decision made or broke a kid’s college career.

Actually, it’s been, um, well......


He’s just an obsessed fan. Not obsessed to the same level that he is obsessed with deer hunting. He just feels compelled to keep up with the Auburn football recruiting for SOME REASON!!!

I guess it’s one of those “Mars vs. Venus” things. He just HAS to know whether the kid that has a really strong throwing arm from LA (see previous post “Tea”) will choose Auburn or “that other school” or any other school.

Tangent: (as a member of the Auburn University marching band, you swear an oath to never use the name of “that other school”. Yes, I marched at AU and may do a couple of posts about that experience.)

Back to my point: I, on the other hand, wonder why in the world he feels like he can make a difference in this! I think he could be doing something that actually accomplishes something for someone… say, I don’t know, his FAMILY!

So, that morning while I was trying to get DD and I ready for DH’s brother’s graduation, I became, understandably, frustrated with his inactivity and expressed it to DD.

“Your daddy is in there lollygagging on the internet.”

“Daddy siwwy.”

“Yes, Daddy’s silly. He’s a lollygagger. Lollygagger! Can you say lollygagger?”




“Not Grand-daddy, silly girl. Say ‘lollygagger’.”

“Gwand-daddy,” big smile.

(I’m thinking I’ve got it figured out now.) “Say ‘lollygagger’ again.”


Now, Grand-daddy NEVER did believe me when I told him that I hadn’t taught her to say it that way. I wonder why!!! ;-)

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