Saturday, November 18, 2006

Well, I went Christmas shopping with Stinkerbell and my mom today. I didn't watch the Single Most Important Football Game in Alabama and, IMHO, the game featuring the most vicious rivalry in the country. But I don't always watch it. Sometimes, but I'm not obsessed with it.

The Mighty Hunter hasn't watched it in years. It always falls on the same weekend as "opening day" of gun season here. He can listen to the game and hunt at the same time. He can't hunt and watch the game at the same time.

A little background:

The game was at tuscaloosa. alabama has never beaten Auburn at tuscaloosa. teehee.

Auburn has beaten alabama the last 4 consecutive years.

Auburn t-shirts say "fear the thumb" - and "alabama's official drink Choke" HAHA!!

Well, I actually didn't see a single second of the game - live. I did record for later viewing and posterity.

Final score

Auburn 22

alabama 15

WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!!!

I love it!

Oh, I got a good bit of my Christmas shopping done. My back decided to break in half after dinner, so we had to quit. Well, that and the stores were closing. Anyway, I'll have to finish again over the next few weeks - OR I'll be shopping online a lot.

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!!!

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