Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Stinkerbell's Fancy Day

Moreena has requested photos of Fancy Day observances.

Here's Stinkerbell's recent Fancy Day photo. I indulged her with a Club Libby Lu make-over recently while doing my Christmas shopping.

It was a nice break from wandering around stores, snapping fingers and threatening her life to keep her close.

And the results???

For the rest of the day, she could be very EASILY found in front of the closest mirror. Posing. Singing loudly into her Libby Lu rock-star, diamond (!!!) headset.

1 comment:

Moreena said...

Oh, wow. Her Fancy Day is really actually stylish! Our Fancy Days usually feature a generous supply of clash, although Annika is getting a bit more discerning.

Thank you!