Wednesday, February 27, 2008

an observation and a curiousity

Today, Lucky was unhappy with my performance as his mommy.

I had fed him his lunch and topped it off with frosted animal cookies. He had been wiped off with a warm wet wash cloth. The crumbs had been brushed off his lap and bottom into the high chair. He received kisses and hugs. I carried him to the living room and lowered him to the floor. I let him hold my fingers as he stood and took a couple of steps.

All those atta-girls were trumped when I pulled my finger from his chubby little hand and walked away.

shame on me

I won him back. He has forgiven me. I found this show on tv.

He still loves me.

Why do babies stick their fingers in the back of their mouths and gag themselves?

Yes, Lucky is cutting teeth, but NONE of them are in the back. He has no need to relieve pain or irritation way back there.

Stinkerbell was a world-class self-puker. It is the most annoying thing.

Does anyone have a way to teach a baby not to do this?

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Super B's Mom said...

HAHA What IS up with the gagging thing, anyway?