Friday, February 20, 2009

Final Farewell

On a day like this, I feel it appropriate to say a few thank-you's and farewells.

I want to say thank you to The Mighty Hunter for going to work in Connecticut (or as his spellcheck corrected it: Coneticute). His absence will somehow make my departure less painful. All he will have to do is clean up the mess of tissues and cough drop wrappers.

I want to thank Beboo for starting all this. Without you, Lucky, Sissy and I wouldn't have caught SARS. I'll leave you with a request to help The Mighty Hunter clean up and care for my motherless children.

I want to thank Lucky and Sissy for coughing and snotting all over me. One day, you'll regret it. Probably when you realize your daddy has no idea how to brush little girl hair or pick out clothes that slightly match or coordinate or how to pull hair up into a semi-smooth ponytail (btw, Sissy, you should just prepare to cut all your hair off, it'll be much easier that way.) Lucky, you'll have an easier time of it.

I want to thank our pediatrician for accepting my 2 copays earlier this week to confirm that this is a VIRUS, without proven antiviral medications, and that it will "run its course in a few days." This will save another copay for myself and help me in choosing which pain medication to take.

I want to thank my bloggy friends for NOT making me sick. None of you are on my "you suck" list.

I will now click "PUBLISH POST" now and die.

1 comment:

triste said...

NO!!!!! You can't die, I will not allow it. COME BACK TO ME, Come back to me. Soon baby, soon it will be better. If you need me call. I will put on my hazmat suit and be there in a jiffy. I love you, sickness and all. However today I will be declining to lick you..LOL. Stay strong sister.