Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I've found my calling

I think I could get a job for all the drug companies in the world making up names for their new medications.

I could certainly do as good as "abilify" for depression symptoms.

Or "extenz" for that manly product.

And who was resonsible for naming a PMS product "mydol". As dense as The Mighty Hunter is, he knows not to call me "my doll" during my grumpy days.

Here goes some rough drafts...

"Kutrjus" for vaginal dryness.

"Chopoffmyhed" for migraines.

"Nokrup" for infertility.

"Shutup" for tinitis.

"Nosnot" for allergies and runny-noses.

Anyone else want to join my business venture?

1 comment:

Super B's Mom said...

"Uranus" - hemorrhoid ointment.