Sunday, February 15, 2009

Please Mr. Custer, I don't wanna go!

We have our appointment with our new CPA tomorrow. The CPA we used until now will live forever on the list of people who treated us like wormdirt since we closed the business.

The new CPA doesn't have a high hurdle to leap. He only has to NOT be a jerk. But my experience with CPAs is worse than attorneys, and I'm not very optimistic.

We have no idea what to expect with our tax liability this year. It could be good. It could be earth-shatteringly bad.

We do know that Napoleon (the former business partner) has not repaid us a penny for the debts we have paid out of our pockets, taxes included. So Napoleon is Auburn Family Enemy #1.

I'd like to leave all this behind us soon. And have hope in the Lord that it will happen SOON. I do believe that the bankruptcy will finalize March 18.

Which reminds me that in 25 days, we will leave for Walt Disney World! squeeee!!! WDW's theme this year is "What will you celebrate?" It will be a silently-observed celebration, but we will celebrate the bankruptcy while we are there.

Is that crazy?

Probably, but I'm ok with crazy.


I've been pretty blank lately. (She explains, embarassed that she hasn't posted very much at all in a few weeks.) Not that there hasn't been things that I could post. Oh, there's definitely been drama; hre in our house and in the houses of our friends (Hey, M! Luvya!)

I suppose I could share with you some bargains I've scored... (She offers, even more embarassed than she was before.)

2 pairs of jeans for $15 each at our Goody's store (bankruptcy. all stores closing.)
battery for dvd-camera for $54 (regular $80) at Circuit City (ditto)
ADORABLE blue, pin-striped 3-pc suit (with shirt and tie) for Lucky for Easter $25 at Sam's.
Beautiful dress for Sissy for Easter $38 at Sam's.

My bargain hunting hasn't been that good, either.

Sorry. February's a good month, so far. It's just not good fodder for blogging.

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triste said...

Hey chick, I LOVE YOU and your posts.