Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bonus blog post...

It's not Howard or Larry or ZsaZsa's fake-prince, trophy hubby..

I'm the father of Anna Nicole's baby!!

Bury her.

Give the baby to some adoptive parents who will love her and help her recover from her methadone-baby detox.

Kick Howeird out of the country - Taiwan is good country for pimps.

Make Larry wash off his makeup.

Tell the "prince" to go change ZsaZsa's Depends.

Let's find someone else to Marilyn Monroe-ize to death.

Literally, to death.

Seriously, people. Let's get a life of our own. She was at best a beautiful, siliconed-up funny drunk. Now, she's gone.

It never was that interesting when she was alive. It's down-right sad and boring now that she's dead.

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