Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Faster than projectile spit-up
More powerful than a pacifier
It's a woman
It's a parent


Yes, I am boldly staking my claim to the moniker.

Everyone at our local Wal-Mart was impressed - dare I say AMAZED - at my maternal skill and powers. How does a beautiful young mother -

"what did you say? she's over 30? No way. She looks MUCH younger than that! Why, you can't see the first gray hair on her head? No! Her hair isn't naturally that beautifully colored with caramel brown, tawny red and dark golden blonde? Say it isn't so!"

back to their whispering...

How does a beautiful YOUNG mother get her beautiful children to sleep in the shopping cart while rushing around purchasing the groceries for her family and home? And not have a wrinkle in her clothes? And her make-up looks like it was perfectly applied by Carmindy? And she makes those super-comfy shoes look quite stylish!

Look at those babies!



With groceries stacked around their legs and arms and a pack of baby wipes for a pillow under the girl's head!


Since there is such a cult of tip-sharing among internet Mommies, I thought this might be a great place to share one of my secrets for speed-shopping at my local super Wal-Mart...

Here's goes...

It's a good 'un...

Wait for it...


Just kidding.

Well, I didn't use it yesterday anyway!


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