Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Ode to Mommy-hood
Movement 1
"The First 12 Days"

Pitocin is a b!+ch

Epidurals are from Heaven itself

Doctor breaks my water

Who knew that it could splash???

And get his arm wet?

Very funny

Saying goodbye to many things

The belly

The swelling

The groin pain (good riddance!)

The achy hips

The sore ribs

The constant peeing

The kicks

The wiggles

The weight (if only a slow good-bye)

Saying hello to many things

The most handsome little boy

His coos and squeaks

His cries and grins

His wiggles

His complaints

His preferences

His fingers and toes

His beautiful eyes and nose

His strong little thirst

His baby eagle squawks

His double sneezes (just like his daddy)

My milk (wow and ouch)


Yes, too many not-so-pleasant surprises

Bleeding out

Passing out


More bleeding

More passing out

More puking

More pitocin

It's still a b!+ch


Just as bad a b!+ch

Afterpains are increasingly worse with each pregnancy

Thanks for the NON-warning ladies!

Would have appreciated knowing that BEFORE they brought me to tears

And took my breath

And made me realize my inadequate breathing-through-contractions skills

Who the crap dreamed up that stupid idea anyway?

Breath through the pain



Prescription for iron

Causes constipation

Constipation is evil

So is diarrhea

Equal evils

Prevent both but




It's a tightrope

Over thin ice

With hot sun

Shining in my eyes

Diarrhea won

Holy Lord. Stop. The. Blinding. Pain.

Night sweats

Night sweats aren't always night sweats

Sometimes it's a fever breaking

Fevers usually mean infection

Infections within days of giving birth aren't usually a good idea

No, it wasn't a sinus infection

Or an ingrown toenail

It took a D&C

And 6 bags of IV antibiotics

And general anesthesia

And a night back on the maternity floor at the hospital

And another IV


Never another wrist IV for me

And another blood draw for CBC (props to ER and Scrubs and House for that abbreviation!)

It hurt more than all the other blood draws combined

A worried Mighty Hunter and parents and in-laws and other family and friends

Horrible hospital lunch


Quick improvement

Home by 2pm

Cabin fever returning

Lucky is worth it all

Stinkerbell loves him dearly

The Mighty Hunter is a wonderful daddy and husband

He’s changing diapers

He’s fussing over me

He’s driving me nuts

He loves me

He’s a keeper

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Moreena said...

wow. He is beautiful, and I think your ode to birth is just perfect.